Friday, January 11, 2013

The Whims - The Whims

The Whims, after a very careful and methodical selection process, chose to send their self titled release to us to listen to and we are very glad they did!
The band say that they have siphoned their music styles through the best filters available and quote bands such as ICM faves like Teenage Fanclub, The Kinks, GBV, Cheap Trick etc. and it would appear that the filter system is functioning extremely well as this release features all the jangly guitars, chops, kicks and harmonies that you would expect from the the very best in Power Pop and beyond, but as always, don't take my word for it, take a listen for yourself and see if this New York City combo grab you in the same way they have grabbed us!

The Whims

The Whims are:
Dileepan Ganesan - Vox, Guitar
Fletcher Maumus - Vox, Lead Guitar
Michael McGivaren - Drums
Matt Stupp - Vox, Bass Guitar

The bands facebook page says that there will be some CDs of this album available very soon, but for now you can stream the album and download a copy here: Bandcamp

Contact, befriend, follow, like and love The Whims here: Facebook


  1. Thanks, Rick!!
    Hopefully, we'll get to rock Sweden someday soon!

    1. That would be cool, drop me a line when you get some plans and I will pass on some contacts for the major places.

  2. One word. WOW!!! I notice that the album was recorded in NY? Are they from NY?

    1. Hi Yankeeboy. Yes, the band are from NYC.

    2. YankeeBoy....if you wish to blog/review/ us through our website and we'll gladly send you a digital copy!