Monday, January 28, 2013

The Twin Sets - Romance EP

The Twin Sets are back with their second EP, and once again, showing fine form with the extended play"Romance."  I am never sure if a six track should be called an EP or a mini album, but what the hell, we get six tracks, not four and what great tracks they are too!

The last time I featured the band on the blog I was full of praise for their musical abilities, as I still very much am, but I criticised their tracks sung in English as being "quite nonsensical," it was a minor criticism but one the band obviously took to heart as they have certainly nailed the tracks in English on this offering, showing that they are a band that will strive to get it right and get it right, they have!

The Twin Sets are a band that will go far as they work towards getting everything right, from the driving Power Pop sounds to the perfection of the lyrics.  Each and every one of the six tracks on "Romance" hit the mark. 
So, this time around, do I have any positive criticism to share?  Nope, nada, nothing at all, this record is brilliant, the future is looking extremely promising for this four piece from A Coruna in the north west of Spain and they are now sitting very comfortably besides my other favourite bands in the world of Power Pop and I am certainly looking forward to a long player from them in the not to distant future.

The Twin Sets are:

Denís Graña : Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Borja Fernández: Electric Guitar 

Nacho: Bass 
Pablo Pita "Lito": Drums

Stream and buy The Twin Sets "Romance" EP here: Bandcamp

Contact, befriend, like and love The Twin Sets here: Facebook

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