Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Surf School Dropouts - Summer is a State of Mind VINYL RELEASE

Last August I raved about "Surf School Dropouts" and they finished second in my year end list, which is no mean feat considering the copious amounts of great music I received last year, and to this day I am still playing the download on a regular basis.  However, you can now own this superb, infectious piece of surf pop on vinyl, the ultimate format, since the band were, quite rightly, snapped up by one of my very favourite labels, "Sunny Day Records."

Surf School Dropouts are:
Andreas Jacobsen - vocals & keyboard/guitar/bass/drums, Christian Bendix - vocals & guitar/bass, Jari Nielsen - vocals, Martin Jensen - vocals.

As the name of the band suggests, these are sun soaked harmony, laden songs with catchy melodies  that will warm you to the core, place a smile on your face and probably make you want to grab your board and head for the beach and soak up the surf. 

Since 2009 Andreas, Christian, Jari and Martin have been on a mission to bring sunny sounds to the frostbitten, Northern shores of Denmark. Based in Copenhagen, these guys may be far, far away from the California sun and beach scenes they sing about. But they nevertheless channel their love of Brian Wilson and infectious harmonies to great effect.
Above all, ‘Summer is a State of Mind’ is a celebration of the classic pop sound with 14 self-penned songs featuring shared lead vocals by all four Dropouts and lots of catchy melodies. 

Buy the vinyl at Sunny Day Records here: Sunny Day Records Shop

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Stream the album here: Bandcamp

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