Sunday, July 15, 2012

Deco Auto - Past Mistakes And Hauntings EP. OUT NOW

For those of you who like your Power Pop tinged with some grating guitars and powerful vocals, you couldn't do much better than check out the wonderful "Deco Auto" from Kansas City MO.  
Drawing influences from the likes of Superdrag, Superchunk and Oranger, these guys knock out some really cool supercharged music and if this EP is any indication of what the band can do, then we can hopefully look forward to a fuel injected, V6 growling album sometime soon in the future.

Steven Garcia - guitar, vocals
Tracy Flowers - bass, vocals
Michelle Bacon - drums

Photo: Jessica Ball

The band have several packages available when you purchase the CD EP, you can buy just the download if you wish, but for those of you who want a physical copy, you have the option for a limited edition Deco Auto print and a cd or a cd and an ultra cool T-shirt, both packages include a vinyl sticker, all available from the bands bandcamp page.

Contact, befriend, like and love the wonderful Deco Auto here: FACEBOOK 

Buy one of the CD packages or download here: BANDCAMP 

Official Web Site: 

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