Monday, July 16, 2012

The Kaams - Uwaga! ALBUM OUT NOW.

The Kaams eagerly awaited album has landed, and, as was expected, is full of pulsating, rocking garage beats.
Hailing from Bergamo, Italy, this is a band that have obviously fed on a staple diet of the greatest garage/beat bands out there and their debut album has earned a place up there with the best of them.

Started as a duo piece by Andrea Carminati (vocals/guitar) and Marcello Giannelli (drums), the band released its first Ep “She’s a Killer” in march 2010 on Bedo Records/Dirty Water Digit Records.
At the end of the same year a new 7'' split titled "Chose Your Coffin - The Kaams vs The Monolithics" was released on Boss Hoss Records and distributed by Area Pirata.
After several line-up changes Andrea has finally met the right mates:
Marco Facheris (guitar), Alberto Mafessoni (bass) and Tiziano Carozzi (drums).

 This is a fantastic debut album from one of the finest bands in Italy and certainly a heavyweight contender within the scene worldwide, if you like raw, arse kicking, rock 'n' roll beats, then these guys should be adourning your turn table before every night out, hell, play it before breakfast and make every day great!!

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Listen to a few songs from the album here: Reverbnation

Copies of the album can be purchased direct from the band here:
or via the record label here: Area Pirata

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