Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Joel Boyea, Please Don't Eat The Daisies - A free download from Futureman Records!

Futureman Records is one of those rarest of breed record labels where all profits go straight to the band, in fact the label was set up to promote good music and support the artists, this deserves our attention and support in order to help artists to continue to produce the music we love.

"Please Don't Eat The Daisies" is twenty songs recorded over twenty years (1988-2008). These homemade bedroom demos and studio recordings have been revived and made public here for the very first time by Futureman Records.  If you need convincing of the quality of this, take a look at the artists featured on this recording!
Joel Boyea, singing and playing. Chris Richards, bass playing. Doyle Dean, drum playing.
Download for free here: A gift from Futureman Records
Other records on the label are "The New Sell Out" by Various artists in a tribute to The Who and the "Sell Out" album which contains some real gems of covers.
 Put together 12 years ago and gathering cobwebs ever since, The New Sell Out is finally out! Dedicated to Rick McBrien, the soul of Futureman. Thanks to every contributing artist and everyone who worked on this! Special thanks to Shawn Wolfe and Hans Martin-Buff! Full liner notes and artwork included in download. 
Stream and download here: Bandcamp
An artist that doesn't really need an introduction is the amazing Michael Carpenter who has an album of covers, SOOP (Songs of other people) on the Futureman label, these are brilliant covers, many of which I had not heard before, but will be playing plenty from now on.
Some highlights from Michael Carpenter's amazing collection of covers records! Head over to michaelcarpenter.bandcamp.com for the full collections along with his amazing originals.
Stream and download SOOP here:Bandcamp

Finally, for now, The What Gives, a band that had somehow passed me by until now and if they have also passed you by up until this point, you can rectify that now as this is a sterling piece of work that needs to be heard.

Recorded in various sessions during the late 90s at what was then Red House Recording in Eudora, Ks. Principals were Jon Harrison on guitar and keyboards, Bret Dillingham on Drums and Stephen Naron on Bass. Bret and Jon sang. Dan Berchenko played guitar on "Right as Rain" and probably something else. Kit Cole played the string section on "Friends." Tawni Freeland-Crider contributed some backing vocals. Ed Rose played a bit of guitar and other tasty treats, as well as recording and co-producing with the band. 

Stream and download The What Gives here: Bandcamp

There are more artists being added to Futureman Records, if you would like to keep up to speed with who is being added, then join their facebook page and support the record label that supports the artists!
Contact, befriend, like and love Futureman Records here: FACEBOOK

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