Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Phenomenal Cat - Mellow Lane. Single No.6, FREE DOWNLOAD

Mellow Lane cover art 

Phenomenal Cat reach the halfway stage of their single a month for 2012 with the release of "Mellow Lane."

With "Mellow Lane" Phenomenal Cat have delivered a memory provoking piece of times past, changing times, times that are looked back on with a mixture of happiness and sadness, they have then wrapped it up in another delectable slice of power pop and then given it a "Coronation Street" ending.  Confused?  Take a listen and see what I mean.

The bands previous 5 releases have also been made available for FREE download again, so if you don't already have them, get them now!

Download "Mellow Lane" here:Bandcamp

Contact, like and love Phenomenal Cat here: FACEBOOK

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