Thursday, July 26, 2012

Gooey - Hold On Tight. FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD

I wonder where "Gooey" got their name from?  Whilst some of the songs on this superb album are love songs, they are not exactly gooey love songs, so maybe I don't want to know where the name comes from after all?  The name of the album is "Hold On Tight" which is a very apt title, this is a real Power Pop racer, with well written, melodic, catchy and infectious songs!

Gooey are:

Juan Avila (vocals/acoustic guitar)
Chris Eudy (electric guitar)
Brian Vaughan (electric guitar)
Tom Hickey (bass guitar)
John Noyes (drums)
John Peeler (mascot)

What their biography says:

My name is Juan. I love all kinds of music. I like to write songs.
John is my friend. He plays a lot of instruments. He hears music in his head.
A long time ago, I told John that I was learning to play the guitar. He told me to go away.
A few years later, I told John that I was writing songs. He told me that he was busy.
I forgot to mention that John is grumpy.
Once in a while, I would pick up the guitar when John was around and I would play something that I had written.
John would pretend that he wasn’t listening. I knew that he was.
One day John told me that he liked my songs and that we should record them.

These are my songs.
This is our band.
This is Gooey.

Whilst playing this I heard echoes of Bowie and a  less well known band The Man From Delmonte from back in the late 80's, this really is a fun and uplifting album and what is more, it is totally free, although I am sure that the band have physical copies of the album for those who like to adourn their collections with a few nuggets of great power pop!

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  1. Thanks for the post and comments! We'll keep the power pop coming. Hugs and kisses. Juan from Gooey!