Friday, July 27, 2012

Phenomenal Cat - Life By The Seaside. Single no.7 FREE DOWNLOAD

Single number 7 in the single a month for a year series from Phenomenal Cat, "Life by The Seaside" has it all, echoes of the The Beatles, well, a sustained note like "Day In The Life" and outro that has the feel of The Jam's "English Rose" and some Teenage Fanclubesque harmonies and glokenspiel/xylophone and I rate this as one of the best tracks the band have released, which is a real credit to the band given the quality of the previous releases.
I hope that a record label has the initiative to sign this band and press their 12 songs onto vinyl/CD  and give them the opportunity and incentive to release much, much more, there is a real quality to this band that seriously shouldn't be over looked!

Photo: Wayne Lundqvist Ford

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