Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Smiling Strangers - Full Circle (and 3 FREE albums to download!)

Jeff from the Smiling Strangers very kindly sent me a copy of the bands last CD called "Full Circle," an album which is a pleasant blend of 3 minute pop songs, not strictly power pop (if you have a definition of that?) but great, well written lyrics bolstered by great music, I guess you could call it Power Pop, folk infused...........hey, take a listen instead, I am certainly enjoying this album!

The Smiling Strangers was an idea by Jeff Reynolds. They were formed in early 2004 and after some pleading, arm-twisting, favour-calling and hours slaving over an acoustic guitar and drum machine, the project was born. So far they have released:
Dangerous Times (2004)
Space Graces and Smiling Faces (2006)
All The Way (2007)
To Think It`s Come To This (2009)
Full Circle (2011)

FULL CIRCLE available from iTunes and all major
digital distributors


Download the 3 free albums, stream and buy FULL CIRCLE here: The Smiling Strangers

The Smiling Strangers are currently working on a new album.

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