Friday, July 20, 2012

Stereoscope Jerk Explosion - La Panthère Pop

For those of you, like me, who love Hammond fueled beat music, you need to check this band out, this is classic 60's sounding music at its very best.  

STEREOSCOPE JERK EXPLOSION was born out of the whimsical imagination of a girl, Marie Julie, an organist passionate about Sixties music and graphics. To carry out her project, she appealed to some friends, musicians coming from the Strawberry Smell & The Cryptones, involved for a long time in the jerk & french 60's beat scene.

Since 2004, the band has been performing in many venues, opening gigs before Big Boss Man, James Taylor Quartet or before Mike Painter & The Family Shakers at the Sunslice Festival.

In 2005, they've realised their two first 7" on the new label Les Disques Cosmic Groove: one special Sitar SITARMANIA /L'HOMME GRENOUILLE, one special Hammond LA PANTHERE POP/ PROMENADE DES BRITISH with colorful pop art sleeves, 4 late 60's influenced instrumental grooves full of hammond, sitar, moog, fuzz or wah-wah guitar and a catchy rythm section.

In 2007, they were back with fuelled force for two new 7" on Les Disques Cosmic Groove. This time one is special Fuzz JERK A LA VAGUE / FUZZ PARTY, one special Moog BUMBLEBEE / MOOG TRAFFIC

For these tunes, the band has gain in maturity and the sound is more explosive and powerful than ever with the addition of horns, vocals or theremin.
Now the first album of STEREOSCOPE JERK EXPLOSION is just finished. It’s a concept album made like an original soundtrack of the film LA PANTHERE POP.

Album Teaser.

It includes 21 songs, played in different moods like 60's psychedelic, sitar beat, garage, cinematic, lounge or even bossa nova, but always with catchy pop themes, and a touch of modern sound.
New instruments and some additionnal musicians like Chris Joss come to supplement this fantastic album accompanied by a booklet including a complete scenario (in french and english) based on the name of the tracks, and the storyboard of the film in comic strip.

Stream the album here: Bandcamp

Band page:

The album is also available on Amazon. 

Marie Julie and other members from Steeroscope Jerk Explosion  have another band called "Cucumber" which plays in a similar style, you can check them out their new album "The Frech Job." Listen here: Cucumber

And if you find, like me, you can't get enough, Stereoscope Jerk Explosion have several 7" single for sale as well as a new album in the pipeline, which, at present has no release date keep 'em peeled!  Don't worry, I will let you know when it is released ;)