Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sunny Day Records

Something a little different today, in as much as I am not featuring any particular band, but a record label that I have fallen in love with. Sunny Day Records in Spain has a stable of bands that is so impressive, it is hard not to love them. 

 Angel Kaplan from the album "Pictures From The Past.

I asked Sunny Day to tell me a bit about their label and I shall also introduce you to some of their own signings like Angel Kaplan (featured above) whose album has become the staple diet of my summer listening.

Sunny Day is a small independent record label founded in the summer of 2009 by two stupid guys in the middle of nowhere, Cáceres, a small quiet beautiful town on the way from Madrid to Lisbon, with no musical tradition or love for rock’n’roll, you know , the perfect place to be ignored by everybody.

The label was founded by my mate Rafa and myself, Juan. Rafa has been running (and he still does) the only vinyl records shop within 300 kms for more than 13 years, a real survivor in such a non r’n’r place as this. I’ve been involved in the Spanish mod/6t’s scene for a long time too, organising gigs, dj-ing and writing fanzines. We are both still involved in this adventure and hopefully will be for many years more.

 Los Imediatos from the album "4 Tickets To Wonderland"


The label has three clear targets: we want to release those records which, as music fans, we'd like to buy, give a chance to new bands and support vinyl.

What kind of sounds do we dig?  Soul, Garage, Powerpop, Rock'n'Roll, Beat, R'n'B, Psychedelia, Punk-Rock, Boogaloo, Reggae... we are open to all kind of “classic” 50’s, 60’s 70’s inspired sounds, as long as we dig it and we see the band takes their music serious, let’s do it.

 Los Imposibles from the album "En Espiral."

We have released  9 records so far (all of them can be found at sunnydayspain.bandcamp.com) in Sunny Day, though we also have two in-house labels, Sweet Grooves & Bickerton Rds (the first one exclusively run by Rafa, the second one by me) which has also released Spanish punk-pop band Brackets’ first lp and The Dealers’ killer debut 7”.

Zombie Valentines from the album "Mehora Ahora."


All of our releases have had Spanish bands but that’s something we are changing with the addition to our catalogue of names such as Jacco Gardner and Japanese powerpop band Beat Caravan.

Jacco Gardner from the single "Clear The Air."


The Shake from the album "Try To Get Ready."


Los Immediatos from the album "Third Time's The Charm."

The Right Nows from the album "The Right Nows."


 By the way on the 19th and 20th October we are the Sunny Day Festival in Madrid, 2 days featuring our best bands along with guest groups and djs…  if you wanna join you’re more than welcome.

So, there it is, an introduction to one of my favourite record labels out there, doing it for the love of the music and for our pleasure and entertainment.
Sunny Day Records doesn't only sell records by their own signings, but many others as well, so please check out their bands and their store.

Thanks to Sunny Day Records for all the information......and all the great music of course!

Stream and buy all the artists featured above here: BANDCAMP 

Sunny Day Records online shop: http://www.sunnydayrecords.es/ 

Contact, befriend, keep up with new releases etc,  like and love Sunny Day Records:  FACEBOOK

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