Thursday, August 2, 2012

Trolley - Things That Shine And Glow

Wow! What an infectious album.  I am playing it for the umpteenth time already today and every play unearths another nugget of a riff, be it bass line or guitar, it is all here, little echoes of greats like The Beach Boys, Byrds, The Beatles and even The Jam are present in the grooves wrapped up amongst the bands very own style.

Trolley connects the creativity of the ‘60s with the energy of now. Since 1995, the Milwaukee band has released a series of albums built from the best elements of psychedelia and punk, classic pop and the hard driving beat of the Mod era.

Terry Hackbarth - Vox/Bass, Mike Perotto - Vox/Guitar, Paul J. Wall - Vox/Guitar, Patrick Morrow - Drums

The Milwaukee quartet has gotten around, playing South by Southwest and North by Northeast, Summerfest and International Pop Overthrow. Trolley has opened for The Jayhawks, Cotton Mather and Los Straightjackets and has risen to the forefront of the power pop movement without being confined by it. Buoyed by classic melodies from all of its members, Trolley’s songs are seldom less than memorable.  
Photo: Kip Gasparick

Things That Shine and Glow moves the legacy of great albums by the Kinks and the Zombies into the 21st century. The rich sonic tapestry is woven around the solid musicianship of Patrick Morrow (drums), Terry Hackbarth (vocals and bass), Mike Perotto (vocals and guitar) and Paul James Wall (vocals and guitar). Trolley is a loud and glorious reminder that two guitars, bass and drums can still be a formidable lineup for great music.
"Things That Shine And Glow" is an album that you will come back to time and time again, a great piece of Power Pop/Mod/Psyche/ it what you will, this album shows that Trolley are certainly a force to be reckoned with, just listen to songs like "My Obsession" and "Love The Way You Look," in fact, any of the 14 tracks on this album and I challenge you not to fall in love with Trolley, if you don't, you must be off of yours!

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