Friday, August 24, 2012

The Warm Fuzzies - Fuzz Of The Month

The Warm Fuzzies from Athens, GA play a style of Power Pop/Indie/ New Wave that I really like, it is catchy, bouncy, fun and er........ fuzzy!
The bands style is reminiscent of Weezer, FoW, The Cars and Ozma, it even reminds me a little of Heavenley, led by Amelia Fletcher when Laura Cropp takes over the vocals, this is sunny day music that will lift you and make you smile and that is what music should do, right?

Fueled by a mutual admiration of bands that played catchy pop songs with fuzzy guitars and analog synthesizers, Athens, GA-based singer/songwriter Jason Harwell and former Heros Severum drummer Davey Staton set out to use this combination as a template to create their own hybrid fuzzy pop songs. Throughout 2007, the two convened at Davey’s house, each with scribbled papers strewn about and guitars in hand. “We had a pretty simple mantra: If it’s not fun, don’t do it,” says Harwell of the writing process. “And that’s what we did. Davey had written all this really catchy, upbeat music and given the tunes ridiculous titles, and we would then try to write ridiculous songs to fit those titles.” In fairly short order, the boys wrote a cohesive batch of tunes about robots, eyewear, close-talkers, and pen-pals from Eastern Europe, among others.

 The Warm Fuzzies are:

Jason Harwell, Davey Staton, Laura Cropp, Jonathan Staton

Contact, befriend, like and love The Warm Fuzzies here: Facebook 

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The band have also released a 6 track EP that smells of bubblegum, what more in life could you want?  Available at the bands official site.

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