Sunday, August 19, 2012

Budokan - Spin A Little Gold

This fine album only hit the "Ice Cream Man" mail box this morning and what a fantastic way to start my Sunday, so good in fact, that I had to share it immediately!

This is pure Power Pop with a seventies edge to it, not surprising maybe,  given that their name is borrowed from a Cheap Trick Bootleg album which was recorded at "Budokan" in Japan.  This 13 track album is chock full of guitar licks, driving beats and much, much more, this is pure unadulterated kick arse rock 'n' roll!

Budokan hail from Vancouver in Canada and have not only released this fine album in CD format but on a super fine 180gm gold vinyl, they say they want to "write songs that people will love and remember."  Well, they have certainly done that with "Spin A Little Gold", not a filler track of duff track amongst the grooves here, I am also loving the album artwork but I will save my rave about that for my art blog, which I don't have yet, but may very well have to start soon.

Budokan are:

Kent Bendall-bass and vocals
Andrew Molloy - guitar and vocals
Craig Vishek - guitar and vocals
Graham Watson - drums and vocals

I now have the album on third rotation already this morning, blowing all those Saturday night cobwebs away, this album is one for the Power Pop puritans.......and everyone esle!

Contact, befriend, like and love Budokan here: Facebook 

Stream and buy "Spin A Little Gold" here: Bandcamp 

Physical copies of the album and more info on the band here: Northern Electric Records

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