Monday, August 27, 2012

Likely Lads - Melrose Place Demos

Don't be put off by the word "Demos" in the title of this album, these are very good quality demos and very good songs reminding me a little of the early Libertines.  These guys have just played to a massive crowd at Leeds music festival and look to be heading for bigger things, with this sort of quality of music, I really wouldn't be surprised!

Likely Lads are a four-piece rock band from the city of York. Formed in late 2010 the band has taken great strides towards becoming the most promising outfit to emerge from northern England in some time.
In the eighteen months since the band’s formation Likely Lads have achieved what the majority of most young bands would wish achieve in their whole careers; sharing the stage with the likes of Pete Doherty, Shed Seven and The Rifles; drawing in over 400’000 YouTube views and counting on their demos; and signing to the biggest booking agency in Europe who cater for acts such as The Black Keys, Cage The Elephant, Foster The People and Muse to name but a few. The band has enjoyed recording time at the prestigious Dean Street Studios in Soho, and also at Universal Music Publishing in Fulham.

  Taking influence from wherever it strikes, Johnny Marr’s style of guitar playing can be heard in the melodies of guitarist Ash Harding, and the observational in-your-face lyrics of artist such as Paul Weller and Alex Turner are subtly felt through the refreshingly honest lyrics of lead singer/bassist Ross McLeod. However, as with any previous great British bands, Likely Lads have their own distinct sound which is reflective of their personalities and experiences.

Observations Single Out Now!

In their song What You Waiting For Ross belts out “I’d rather have a go even if it goes wrong, all is not lost I’m just back at square one!” This line encapsulates the band’s attitude and determination to give it their all, and shows their passion for performing and belief in the music they have written. Likely Lads have the work ethic that has set them up for a promising future, and if they continue to progress at their current rate it won’t be long before they arrive in a big way.

So there you are, a new favourite band making honest everyday observations in song backed with some killer tunes, go check them out.

Download "Melrose Yard Demos" for a name your price fee, you can download for free but try to do a bit to support the band and don't forget to tell your friends!
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