Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Begging Sea (Ex Sherwood)

A few years back I discovered a great band called Sherwood who sadly broke up this year after several EP's and three full length albums, it was a real shame to see this band, influenced by The Beatles and Beach Boys amongst others, break up, but then that is the way things go I guess.

The good news though is that frontman Nate Henry has a new project going called The Begging Sea and is currently raising funds through "Kickstarter" in order to put a new album out.  I think that this is the only way many bands are able to put music out these days as funding from record labels is very hard to come by.
Take a look at Nate's great video to raise funds for the project.


So far The Begging Sea have managed to obtain pledges to the value of nearly 10,000 dollars but need to raise 15,000 to get the project under way with just under a month to go.  There are different deals for different pledges, you can have a meal with Nate, have a song written and recorded for you or someone else (cool gift idea!) or even a dog day with you and your dog and Nate and his very talented dog and much much more!
 Go take a look at the Kickstarter page here: The Begging Sea Kickstart

Contact, befriend, like and love The Begging Sea here: FACEBOOK

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