Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Didn't Planet - We're Goin' Nowhere

Concept albums can be hit or miss, I remember reading about one very famous musician writing one and he gave up half way through because he couldn't get it to flow the way he really wanted, well, "Didn't Planet" did get it to flow and this one is definately a hit.

"We're Goin' Nowhere" is about a covers band going through the motions of getting it together, playing gigs, the crap promoters who suggest;  "Turn the music down, we had a band in here last night with half the equipment you guys have and they sounded great!" Also the trial and tribulations of audiences asking to hear something that you really can't stomach.
This is a rock 'n' roll album from a band that cut their teeth as a covers band who have now put that experience into this concept album for us all to hear, it is funny, it is sad, sometimes it is cringeworthy (the story, not the band) but this really deserves a listen, as with many CDs I listen to, I listened to this in the car and it had me nodding in agreement, laughing out loud, but most importantly, it had me gripped and drumming on the steering wheel.

"Didn't Planet" hail from Massachusetts and their mission with this album was to create an album that would compel listeners to listen from start to finish.  The stories told through the records songs and mini sketches, coupled with liner notes draw the listener into the concept and tie it all together and after a while, you almost feel you are there as a bystander in the audience or next to the band.

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  1. Thank for the review, Rick! We're glad you liked the music and the jokes. We had fun making this album, and had hoped it would capture our experience as a band.

    Thanks again,
    -Didn't Planet

  2. Rick I think your review is spot-on. I saw this band in Boston this past Sat & loved them. They were the 1st of several bands & were quite good; they seemed to be having a great time & had so much energy. I had to look them up & found their album (which I downloaded) & some reviews, which were pretty enthusiastic. It's amazing that they were the opening band (x 4)!
    If you ever get the chance, see them live, they're even funnier, but still a serious band that rocks. It looks like they're staying around Boston for the next couple months however.
    I love your site & am glad I found it (through Didn't Planet).
    Tracy LaPiana

  3. Hi Tracy,

    Thank you for the comment, glad that you enjoy the site.

    Very best wishes and kind regards to you!