Monday, August 27, 2012

The Grimm Generation - 'Blink, I'm Gone' VIDEO

The Grimm Generation whom I featured a while back on the blog have just released a new video, which I think is rather wonderful, so I decided to share it with you all.  Enjoy!

'Blink, I'm Gone' is a song / video based on modern crime and old fashioned betrayals.

The Grimm Generation's 'Blink, I'm Gone' is a tale of marginalized people heading ever long into their only eventuality: oblivion. Directed by Zack Wussow, 'Blink, I'm Gone' tells the story of criminal conspiracies and the fall out of a few bad decisions. Starring The Grimm Generation's Jason P. Krug as 'The Driver', Carmen Champagne as 'The Muscle', and Lys Guillorn as 'The Boss',  'Blink, I'm Gone' also features a performance by Alexander delCampo as the star crossed 'Asher'. '

 The Grimm Generation sound has been described as Morning After Music and Radio Songs For Voyeurs though personally described as ‘If Alan Lomax and Ziggy Stardust had a baby’. It’s creepy, suburban pop-noir made and played by creepy suburbanites. Carmen Champagne and Jason P. Krug started The Grimm Generation as an outlet to tell real time stories of cheap excess and alcohol, but with the addition of Lys Guillorn (lapsteel, banjo, bells, rawk guitar), Eric Bloomquist (bass) and Julie Drechsler (cello) has evolved into more a sweeping soundtrack of a movie that may be your real life.

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