Friday, August 10, 2012

The Sitting Tenants - From The Ground Up. Out 13th August.

Another sparkling gem found on the bandcamp site that I just had to share is The Sitting Tenants, a band firmly rooted in the sound of the sixties but stretching their sound to encompass a bit of power pop and soul along their musical journey, I love the drive of these songs, stomping beats and some classic rhythm and blues harmonica as well as some dirty feedback!

 The Sitting Tenants are a band built from musicians with a love of classic power-pop, new wave, psych & soul. Signed to the very discerning Modernist label 208 Records, the band have a powerful small venue live show with some great tunes. This is the true spirit of pub-rock; original tunes with classic influences, well played. Thats live music!!

The Sitting Tenants are: Rob Dady - guitar, vocals, harmonica, Pat Luszcz - bass, vocals, feedback
Luke Bibby - drums and John Sawyer - guitar, vocals .

Rob Dady was the frontman and leader of the mod band "Roundabout" for ten years, touring all over Europe and releasing 2 albums before founding the "208 Records Label" and forming the current band.
The "208 Records" concentrates on bands influenced by the Mod & Psychedelic era, from power-pop to ska, from folk to soul to the mists of English Psychedelia.
Rob told me, "The aim of all my musical activity is to provide a platform for crafted bands & songwriters playing their own music influenced by classic bands from The Action to The Zombies & all in between!!" and listening to the bands on the label, not only do I suggest checking out The Sitting Tenants but check out the other artists that he has signed.

Contact, befriend, like and love The Sitting Tenants here: Facebook 

Stream and buy the album here: Bandcamp 

Check out the other artists on the 208 Records label here: 208 Records 

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