Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Michael Gross and The Statuettes - Sunset Beach. OUT TODAY

Michael Gross & The Statuettes are an Indie Rock/Pop band from Salt Lake City that formed in 2008. Michael Gross is formerly a member of the band The Brobecks , which received regional and national recognition from various music web sites, blogs, and magazines around the country as an up and coming "buzz band".  In 2007 Michael left The Brobecks, and recorded a solo album in 2008 entitled “Tales From a Country Home”. Shortly after, Michael decided to form a band around this new project. The Statuettes were born. The current lineup consists of Michael Gross (vocals, guitar), Jimmy Kelly (guitar), Ben Johnson (bass/keys), and Andy Patterson (drums). 
The band has independently released three E.P.’s entitled  “Dust & Daylight EP” (2009), “Impulse & Exports EP” (2010), and "Imaginary Signs EP" (2011). Their debut full-length album entitled "Telepath" was released in 2010 by Jon Siebels of Eve 6, some of which are available for free download on the bands bandcamp page. (Link at the bottom of the page).

 When I received this album the band told me that they had been compared to Radiohead and Weezer and you can certainly hear those two artists in the songs, however, if you are not a Radiohead fan, don't let that put you off, Michael and The Statuettes are so much better and everyone likes Weezer right?

The album breathes into life with the melancholic "We're just shadows" which could have easily sat on Radioheads "The Bends", this is followed by the upbeat "Don't let me down" which has to be my favourite track on the album with its ultra catchy chorus and strong melody, if I was making a mix tape, for the car, this would definately have to be on it. That said, there are no weak tracks or fillers on this album, so I would suggest you just take the complete album with you.

The album closes with another great song, "Black is black" which is a song with a big sound and a fantastic production, this song is right in your face, actually, this one could be my favourite, in fact they could all be my favourites!
This is a well balanced album of uptempo songs and more laid back numbers, all of which are extremely well penned songs, melodic and with abundant hooks, delivered with total conviction and passion, this is a really great album and has certainly encouraged me to look into the bands back catalogue, which, I am really looking forward to hearing.

Michael and The Statuettes are:
Michael Gross - Vocals, Guitar, Jimmy Kelly - Guitar and Ben Johnson - Bass

Catch Michael Gross and The Statuettes live for FREE at one of the following gigs:

August 17th - St. George, UT @ Jazzy's
August 18th- Las Vegas, NV @ Freakin' Frog
August 19th- Long Beach, CA @ The Blue Cafe
August 20th- Los Angeles, CA @ Silverlake Lounge

Contact, befriend, like and love the band here: Facebook 
Listen to the new album and download others for free here: Bandcamp

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