Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Jac - Faux Pas. OUT NOW

This fine CD arrived in the post today, beautifully wrapped up in gift paper of the same print as the cover and a gift it is.

"The Jac" is a one man band and that man is Joe Algeri, member of Jack and The Beanstalk and The Brittanicas, a man who not only has an ear for a blinding tune, or eleven in this case, but he also has a pretty cool sense of humour too.

"Faux Pas" is a wonderful blend of Power Pop, New Wave, 60's and a dash of punk, music with no boundaries, plenty of humour and a little weirdness too, how refreshing that is!

Joe's press release for this album raised a few smiles with me and he can obviously introduce himself far better than I can, so over to Joe.

It feels silly that I should pretend to write my own press release in the third person as if I were someone else. I wrote and made every note and noise on this album and have released it myself so we’ll cut the bullshit.

After two decades of making and playing music, I decided that I wanted to challenge myself as much as I wanted to challenge people’s expectations of me. My first two solo albums, "Everything Under The Sun" (1999) and "The Stockholm Years" (2005) were rooted in some sort of acoustic, folk-rock idiom as far as being pop albums was concerned. But after a decade of tinkering with home recording, I felt confident that I could now do whatever I pleased. About 3 years ago I stopped writing exclusively on acoustic guitar. 2 years ago I started this project and it felt like a revelation - for the first time in my life I could record exactly what I wanted, the way I wanted.

Being house-bound with a young family also meant that I couldn’t necessarily be rehearsing and recording with a band as much I used to. This time around I didn’t particularly care if or how any of these tracks would ever be played live. All of a sudden I had that 1967 sense of adventure that many of my musical heroes must have experienced; let’s not set-up any creative boundaries.

I am truly grateful that over the years the music I have made with my main-stay in Australia, Jack & the Beanstalk and my more recent international collaboration with the Britannicas, have vaguely affiliated me with the "power-pop" scene. Some of the tracks from Faux Pas could have easily been recorded by those bands but most of them probably couldn’t. Some of the tracks won’t be to everyone’s taste; I’m bracing myself for some negative reviews but I’ll be over-joyed with any positive ones. Anything as long as it’s not just "nice" and conveniently filed under…
 For anyone that knows me personally they will understand my humour and I hope this shines through on the album. There are no serious or cryptic messages in these songs, the spirit of the album is meant to be fun and playful.
More than anything I’ve ever done in the past, I’m immensely proud of this album, it represents 2 years of my life. I hope you enjoy it too.

                                                             Joe Algeri (the JAC)

Also included with the CD is a bonus disc entitled "Drugs Trucks and Jesus" which Joe recorded with various bands and friends which makes for excellent listening, including covers of The Kinks "Tired Of Waiting", a really cool version of The Nerves "When You Find Out" and my favourite The Turtles "You Showed Me" by The Turtles, written by Jim McGuinn and Gene Clark of The Byrds.

 This is a perfect compliment to what many people will consider "Faux Pas" to be, a perfect album.
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Be sure to check out Joe's other ventures with The Britannicas and Jack and The Beanstalk too!

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