Monday, August 20, 2012

The Above - My Love 7" single OUT NOW!

It is always great to receive some vinyl in the post and it is even better when it is a great band producing that vinyl and The Above certainly fall into that category.
"My Love" reminds me of The Yardbirds early offerings but with the professionalism and talent of their later recordings, this is a fantastic sounding single and the B'side "Chuck's Blues" is a an exciting Hammond driven instrumental that is sure to get your feet moving, just tapping or full out dancing, but your feet will move!

The Above are a rock and roll group from Brooklyn, New York.  Influenced by the sounds of British-era R&B, this four-piece create memorable and exciting music with a compositional sophistication that are sure to leave both bar-goers and 60s rock and roll enthusiasts tapping their feet.  They have opened for the likes of Roky Erickson, The Fleshtones, Los Straightjackets, Lyres, Paul Collins and other seminal artists.

The Above also have a self titled long player available via their web page (link at bottom of the page) that is also not to be overlooked, 12 tracks of rip roaring guitar, Hammond, harmonica, I think I can safely say that this 4 piece are one of the best, most exciting R&B bands out there at the moment!

Contact, befriend, like and love The Above here: Facebook 

The bands official website where you can buy the single and that fantastic self titled album can be found here: The Above Official 

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