Monday, August 13, 2012

Brandy Butler & the Fonxionaires - Don't Want Nothin' OUT NOW

Earlier in the year I raved about a splendid soul outfit from France called "Mr Day" who blew me away with their take on soul music, now I have been hit again by Brandy Butler and The Fonxionaires, this is really magnificent!

I first heard the powerful vocals of Ms Brandy Butler, on this occasion backed by the most excellent "The Fonxionaires," on the Retroman Blog Retrosonic Podcast, which was crammed full of great mod and soul music, and I immediately got in touch with Steve over there to ask him for some details as I really wanted to share this little soul nugget with the world. This is 'A' class Soul, Motown, Stax and a little Northern Soul, if you like any of those genres, you are going to love this, this hasn't been off the stereo since it arrived and it has got me delving into more of the output of both Brandy and The Fonxionaires as I am sure it will you.

‘There’s a soul revival a-comin’ and standing at the forefront of the storm is the Switzerland based band Brandy Butler and The Fonxionaires. Playing originally composed sweet and rough old school 60’s soul and then adding the sultry powerful vocals of Miss Brandy Butler (the Black American soul mama), you won’t be able to help yourself from Hip Shakin, booty swinging , and soul struttin’!

The Fonxionaires make hits. Numerous contemporary bands play soul music, recordings inspired by the classic singles of the Motown, Stax, Atlantic, and thousands of other regional U.S. record labels that forged the timeless R&B sounds of the 60s and 70s. But The Fonxionaires do something more. They take those sounds and ingeniously craft them into insistent, ingratiating music that light up the listener’s spirits like a long-lost friend entering a room.

It's been 12 years a-coming, but history has been made. The Fonxionaires have built a throne of soul, and collaborating with Ms. Brandy Butler, she'll be holding court like a Queen at its center. While their contemporaries may flirt with these highs, Brandy Butler and The Fonxionaires groove at dazzling stratospheric heights across 14 fantastic songs on this, their debut long-player: " Don't Want Nothin' "

Contact, befriend, like and love Brandy Butler and The Fonxionaires here: FACEBOOK 

Contact, befriend, like and love Brandy Butler here: FACEBOOK

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