Monday, August 27, 2012

The Absolutes - Everybody's Feeling Alright

I love this album, it has a fantastic 60's garage sound, it has a very strong flavour of the British and European garage bands of that era which is fantastic.  Seeing as these guys are still at school, I can only guess that they have stolen their parents records and discovered some great tunes along the way, and then decided to do something, in some cases, much, much better!  Great work lads!

Since 2005, The Absolutes have been kicking booty and taking names like only the dirtiest of garage bands can do. Despite what outsiders may view as an intensely hostile relationship between the members of The Absolutes, Alex, Alex, Schuyler and Keenan are joined by a love for the sounds of the 60's...and video games. The synergy between these talented chaps is almost too much to handle; original
songs flow from the brains of The Absolutes faster than snot from a sneezing nose! Unfortunately for their fans, The Absolutes are often bogged down by extraneous activities such as schoolwork and girlfriends and therefore recording and gigging must play second fiddle. Nevertheless, The Absolutes made time to release their first EP in June 2010, "She's Alright With Me", and released their newest record, "Everybody's Feelin' Alright", in August 2011. The Absolutes always impart a heaping helping of funk to their fans at every show. If you're in the mood for a rollicking good time, go see the Absolutes live!

If this album had been released this year, this would most definately be in my top ten albums of the year so far, this really is that good, great songs, well, crafted, delicious hooks and some very nifty keyboards on top of everything else.
The Absolutes are:

Alex Patrick - Guitar, Lead Vocals
Keenan Bartlett - Keyboards, Backup Vocals
Schuyler Skuse - Bass, Backup Vocals
Alex Cote' - Drums, Backup Vocals
Stream and buy this fantastic album here: Bandcamp 
I am not sure if the band have run out on this offer but they have a rather splendid T-Shirt on offer with the CD for just $15-00.

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  1. Really good band - liked the 2 tracks you posted a lot. But when I went to Bandcamp to buy the download I saw they were charging $10. For a DOWNLOAD? Seems a bit nervy to me - it's not like they are exactly household names or anything. Most bands let you name your own price or charge around $5 - which I would have happily paid. So I kept my money and the band lost a potential fan.

  2. Hey YankeeBoy, send me $5 and I'll send you their CD. While these boys may be nervy, they are poor college kids. If you'd prefer, however, I'll send you their CD for free. My e-mail address is