Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Jason Karaban - Shift. Out 4th September.

I often get to thinking how lucky I am having this blog and hearing all the bands releases prior to the general public, I know patience is a virtue and all that, but when something like Jason Karabans album turn up, it feels like I am being treated to something special and feel privileged to have a few extra weeks of it all to myself, well, me and a few others anyway.

This is a delightful album, well written and constructed and one that effortlessly holds your attention on every track from start to finish.

From a home studio in Los Angeles, CA, a songwriter crafts melodic, harmonious songs.   The music eventually makes its way to a handful of well-known musicians across the country.  Though the musicians do not know Jason Karaban, they will listen.  And, eventually, they find themselves in the studio working with the reclusive musician. 

 Karaban isn’t new to the game. He began his career fronting the Philadelphia based indie rock bands Dragstrip Courage in 1997 and Grand in 2000.   A deal with Maverick Records emerged and then evaporated before the music was released and an artist once on the rise went into a dark period.  However, he never stopped writing music.  Karaban emerged as a solo artist with the release of Doomed to Make Choices, in 2006, co-produced with Mike Napolitano (Joseph Arthur, The Twilight Singers) and then later with Sobriety Kills, co-produced by Barry Maguire (The Wallflowers, Natalie Merchant) in 2009. 

A look at Jason’s solo career illuminates his impressive list of collaborations that read like a who’s who of the music world.   Over the years he has worked with the likes of Sara Watkins, Ani DiFranco, Ivan Neville, Lucy Schwartz, Glen Phillips (Toad the Wet Sprocket), Garrison Starr, Pete Thomas & Davey Faragher of Elvis Costello’s Imposters, Dave Pirner (Soul Asylum), David Immerglück & Charlie Gillingham of Counting Crows just to name a few.  The result has been two critically acclaimed records, an obscure b-sides record and a three song EP from which numerous songs have been licensed for programs on NBC, MTV, VH-1, commercials, and indie movies. 

 On September 4th Jason returns with Shift, his most realized work to date, and is planning to tour for the first time in his solo career.  Tracks from Shift can currently be heard on WFMU, WXPN and KCRW.

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"Shift" is instores from September 4th, listen to other tracks by Jason here: Bandcamp
I believe the album will be available there too.  Don't forget to grab the free single download there too!

Jason Karaban website: Official

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