Friday, September 28, 2012

Ruth's Hat - Nostalgic For Right Now (Name Your Price)

Something fast, exciting, loud for the weekend, some real kick arse Rock 'n' Roll in the form of "Ruth's Hat!"

"We play rock n' roll music - no scenester politics, no sneering-faux attitude, no wimpy emo laments, no bullshit gimmicks. Now semi-retired, it's still unlikely that the Hat will ever just disappear."

This is rock n' roll music played by regular dudes who don't give a fuck about looking the part. "Nostalgic for Right Now" finds the Hat (now a 3-piece) tearing through eleven cuts of hard-hitting rock n' roll, punk-infused rockabilly, and explosive harmony-laden power pop. With plenty of guitar grit, Ruth's Hat adds an aggressive punk rock edge to their far-reaching rock n' roll roots, sounding like a blended party of Chuck Berry, The Ramones, Green Day, Hank Williams, and The Who. Don't expect scenester politics, whimpy emo laments, hipster posturing, sneering faux-attitude or shameless rock star excesses, just catchy-as-hell songs anchored by timeless rock n' roll themes: long roads, broken relationships, and alcoholic beverages. This is the definitive Ruth's Hat, indispensable for fans and newbies alike. (Fastmusic)

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Official Page: Ruth's Hat

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Moving Sounds

It is really wonderful to find exciting and energetic bands from my host country and whilst they come from the other side of the country, I sincerely hope they will bring their live show over to the other side (Gothenburg) sometime in the future, maybe when they come home from their current tour of Germany, they will?

The Moving Sounds from Stockholm, Sweden, have been playing together since 2000 and to date have released 3 albums of brilliant music with the latest having been recorded on vintage equipment in the "Estudios Circo Perotti."  The band is known for delivering a blizzard of hammond fueled fuzz-o-rama on stage. Although there's no outspoken goal for the band, they seem to want to pay their hommage to their musical heros whoever they might be from Booker T to Lord Sitar to The Velvet Underground.

Ground Shaker from the Ground Shaker album.

The Moving Sounds powering up Germany, on tour now!

All three albums can be purchased here:CopaseDisques

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Shy Nobelman - Beautiful Life & How To be Be Shy

I ashamedly missed out on featuring Shy Nobleman in the past, even though I had listened to him many times and enjoyed it every time, but a reminder from friend and blog reader, Yael in Israel, prompted me to finally bring the works of Shy Nobleman to the blog.
The man is not only a great Power Pop artist but is also an actor, Sports TV presenter and for the last 20 years has been the voice of Donald Duck on Israeli TV, fortunately, he doesn't let that work drift into these two very fine albums which are filled with hooks, humour, melodies and riffs by the dozen.

"Baby in the rain" from Beautiful Life
"Sad Song, Happy Song" from How to be Shy
Nobleman's wild and spontaneous live shows, which often featured surprise guest appearances from old time rockers and a number of drag queens attracted a cult following and in 2002 Nobleman launched an extensive solo U.S. tour, and supported the indie pop band Of Montreal, playing in such venues as New York's famed CBGBs.

In 2005 he recorded his second album "Beautiful Life" which became a top-10 album in Israel. The musicians on the album included some of Israel's leading indie rock names :Yotam Ben-HorinGeva Alon and members of Rockfour and The Monotonix. "Beautiful Life" was more power pop and had a harder sound than Nobleman's debut album. It included the top- 10 radio singles "Girlfriend" and "Baby In The Rain," and made history as they were the first English songs recorded by an Israeli to play on Israel's state radio station, which until then had refused to play non-Hebrew material recorded by local artists.
In 2006 Nobleman played support shows for the English band, Echo & The Bunnymen, and was invited to Germany by the band "Tomte", to open their Buchstaben über der Stadt tour. (Wiki)

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Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More is ONE!

Wow!  How time flies. Yes, today we celebrate a year of blogging on "Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More!"

I am not going to make a big deal about it, but I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of the visitors to the blog and also all the artists and bands that have appeared on the blog without whom, there would be no blog, so to all of you.....................

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Joy Of Painting - Lighten Up EP OUT TODAY

Back in March I found The Joy Of Paintings "Asterix" album and raved about it like mad, played it to death and sat patiently waiting for news of more from the band, then in August the band released the sublime "Charades" single which is the title track for this EP (Available for free download on their bandcamp page) and now we have the complete package, 3 tracks sure to lift your spirit, this band deserve to be massive, they go from strength to strength and I thought the "Asterix" album would be hard to top, but no, they have topped it, go out and get this EP today and see what I mean.
The guys have put a "name your price" on the EP, but remember a donation of any size will help to ensure that we see another long player from these guys sometime in the future, sooner, rather than later would be great.
For those who like to have a physical copy, there is a limited edition multi coloured 7" up for grabs too, which you can order on the bandcamp page.

Stream and buy the EP here: Bandcamp

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Zombie Valentines - Mejor Ahora

If you like your freakbeat garage delivered at pace and right in your face, then you couldn't make a better choice than to listen to and buy the amazing Zombie Valentines - Mejor Ahora album! The band hail from Madrid in Spain, where they clearly add something to the water to breed bands of this calibre. Half of the album is sung in Spanish and the other half in English, but then a scream is universal right?  This is an amazing album from another amazing band based at the Sunny Day record label camp.

Highly acclaimed by Spanish music press, god only knows where these four guys will get in the future, their talent to write unbeatable pop songs has no limit.

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Retroman meets the Ice Cream Man. Podcast.

Last week I met up with Steve from the Retroman Blog who was over from the UK to see The Soundtrack Of Our Lives play at Slussens Pensionat.  We had decided that I would sit in on a podcast with him and it turned out to be a Power Pop special he was putting together featuring the Ice Cream Man blog and artists that have been featured on it.  You can have a listen or download it here.  Enjoy!
Check out all the other Retroman podcast as well.................

L-R Steve (Retroman) Ebbot Lundberg and Wayne (Ice Cream Man) 2003?

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Brigantines - Vacation! OUT NOW

I am pretty excited about this one, a really great Bandcamp find, a surf band with a distinctive pop edge, hailing from New Jersey, these 4 guys make tunes that really hit the spot with memorable riffs and hooks and much, much more! I highly recommend that you shoot off over to Bandcamp and buy this album, a fantastic 12 tracks for a meager 5 bucks, 3 quid, 34 Swedish absolute bargain and only 10 bucks for the physical CD, you can also purchase these and some really cool T-Shirts at the bands official site.


The Brigantines are an original Surf-Pop group from Red Bank, NJ - combining the classic surf sounds of The Beach Boys and The Ventures with the pop-sensibility of The Kinks and Chris Isaak.

Aaron Leonovich - Bass, Vocals Vincent Minervino - Vocals, Guitar Scott Saint Hilaire - Guitar, Vibe
Dan Tojeira - Drums, Percussion

Stream and download the album here: Bandcamp

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Official web page with bio, photos, music videos etc, here: The Brigantines

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Neil Sturgeon and The Infomaniacs - Break Me EP

Many of you will be aware of the name of Neil Sturgeon from his former band The Goldenhour. Well, this is his latest venture which bolsters my belief about him being one of the most underrated songwriters out there right now. This EP, one of many on Bandcamp speaks volumes for him, so I am going to let the music do the talking!

After 2 critically acclaimed albums as front man of The Goldenhour, Sturgeon returned to the live arena in 2009 as a solo artist and in 2010 set up new label Buzzwagon Beat Recordings as an outlet for his new recordings. Working on new album 'Geography & Luck' with Teenage Fanclub's Raymond McGinley at the helm has so far produced 2 acclaimed singles 'Break Me' (2010) & 'Ride The Tide' (2011).

the infomaniacs (l-r) neil s, neil m, deborah, reuben, david.

I would highly recommend that you seek out anything and everything that Neil has worked on, The Goldenhour albums are 2 of my favourites and the track "Julies in Control" from the "Always in The Now" album is in my top 5 songs OF ALL TIME and I am adding a link here to the song, listen here: Julies in Control

Listen to and buy "Break Free" here: Bandcamp

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Official web site here:

(The official website is undergoing a revamp right now but keep checking in there.) 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Power Pop and More T-Shirts

I have received a few T-shirts from some of the featured bands on the blog and this got me to thinking about how T-Shirts figure in music and for bands to spread their name and music, so I have started a sister blog to "Ice Cream Man" featuring a gallery of T-shirts, mostly ones I own, you can view it here:

If you would like to submit any pictures of your own to help build the gallery up, please drop me an e mail to

Friday, September 21, 2012

Leaders Off - Yr Band Suck

I have been fortunate enough to see "Leaders Off" perform tracks from their first album "Giant Guitar" and also tracks from "Yr Band Suck." This band live is second to none, offering great music coupled with an exciting and energetic performance, with singer Simon Gustafsson often leaving the stage to dance and mingle with the crowd much to the delight of the audience, who leave the venue at the end of the evening with beaming smiles, satisfied in the knowledge that they have just witnessed one of Swedens best, up and coming bands.

Hailing from Vänersborg in the west of Sweden "Leaders Off" formed in 2003 having become inspired by the likes of Dinosaur Jr and Sonic Youth.  The young five piece set about creating their very own mix of chaotic melodies and wrote literally hundereds of songs, which they eventually whittled down to 12 tracks to form their exciting debut album "Giant Guitar."  The album was recorded at Welfare Studios in Gothenburg by Per Stålberg of Division Of Laura Lee , Peter Bader and Olle Björk.

Photo: Kristoffer Hedberg

"Giant Guitar" received positive reviews across the whole of Europe and beyond and expectations were high with the release of "Yr Band Suck" which was released this summer, "The album is more of everything you liked with Giant Guitar" says front man Simon Gustafsson.

I think that we can safely say that our expectations have been met........and exceeded, with this release!

Leaders Off are: Simon Järpvik, Fredrik Aghem, Mattias Fransson, Kristoffer Björkman, Simon Gustafsson

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Stream and share tracks from "Yr Band Suck" here: Bandcamp
(Also listen to the bands debut "Giant Guitar" and other releases at Bandcamp too)

"Yr Band Suck" can be purchased here: Amazon 

"Giant Guitar" can be purchased here: Amazon

Free download of new album track "Don't be mean (when I can See)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lannie Flowers - New Songs Old Stories OUT NOW

Quite how Lannie Flowers managed to fly under the "Ice Cream Man" radar is beyond me, but in my defence, I only started the blog last September and the prequel to this album, "Same Old Story" was released back in 2008. "Same Old Story" was an album of 30 or so song snippets from which Lannie's fans then chose what they wanted to hear full length versions of, and so, via one more full length release, "Circles" we now come to the latest release containing 7 songs as voted for by fans of the man globally and 2 extra's from that era.
I have to say that this is a remarkable album full of really great power pop, the only downside is that it is only a 9 track album, but then you know what they say, "Keep them wanting more!"  Well, this listener  wants more and thankfully Lannie sent me a copy of "Circles" which not only rectified my previous heinous oversight of Lannie, but gave me more of this very talented individuals music for my listening pleasure. Happy days indeed!
I can see this album making many top ten lists at the end of the year, it will certainly be in mine!

Lannie Flowers is from Kennedale, a small working class Texas town full of wrecking yards, garbage dumps, and an abundance of churches for an interesting blend of rough characters and church-going folk.

When Lannie was twelve years old, a friend living up the street got an electric guitar. After seeing all the girls oohing and ahhing at show and tell, Lannie immediately told him that they needed to start a band. Three months later they had their first gig, and suddenly, high-school girls were talking to him. From that moment on, other distractions weren't a priority to Lannie anymore.

Working in a warehouse for a couple of years while attending Tarrant County Junior College, Lannie knew he didn't want a regular job. He dropped out of college and became a full-time musician, going on the road off and on for the next thirteen years. It was the only thing he could see himself doing.

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Check out everthing, buy the album, stream the album buy a fantastic Lannie flowers underground T shirt at Lannie Flowers official site here:

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ruby Free - Introducing Ruby Free. OUT NOW!

"Introducing Ruby Free" is a lush arrangement of songs that evoke feelings of nostalgia of music and  times gone by, with echoes of "ELO" and "Wings" even some of "The Who's" later offerings, (check out the intro to "Three Cheers For The Sun God") playing on the radio, but better, so much better!
This collection of sun drenched songs really hit the spot, sweet harmonies, well crafted lyrics and songs, this isn't a grower and there isn't a filler track in sight, this album is purely and simply, beautifully immediate.

Somewhere, deep in the valley, just northwest of Los Angeles, lives a family. Together they grow tomatoes, grapes, and very large lemons. They have visitors from time to time like raccoons, snakes, coyotes, and possums. They also have a little husband and wife band called Ruby Free. 
The players are Rick Hromadka and Lisa Cavaliere. Rick hails from veteran LA power pop bands Double Naught Spies and
 Maple Mars.
Lisa is an ex-choir girl, whose unique vocal stylings bring to mind Suzanna Hoffs. Their debut album "Introducing Ruby Free" is a delicious
blend of Paul and Linda McCartney melodies and sunny "Laurel Cyn" harmonies, producing a familiar yet new distinctive sound. The upbeat
theme of the album captures a band not taking itself too seriously, and living in the moment.

A three time Emmy Award winning sound editor and mixer, singer/songwriter/producer Rick Hromadka took a lo-fi approach to the production, and the songs echo tones of 1970's radio. Pulling back on "the gloss" was key! Lisa, who comes from a family of singers, adds a delicate female
perspective to songs like Bongos And Beards, Deep In Valley, and Three Cheers For The Sun God. Her lead vocal on the infectious "Tiny Stars" hallmarks
her range.

Rick Hromadka's last album "Galaxyland" (Maple Mars) drew quotes like, "Album of the year" - Bill Kopp (Musosribe), "A psychedelic masterpiece" - Mike
Lidskin (Twirl Radio), "Somewhere between Brian Wilson's Smile and Big Star" - Robert Kinsler (Orange County Times). Critics are already anticipating
the July 31st release of "Introducing Ruby Free", and the warm fuzzy sound will have everyone singing along soon!

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Official page, Music, Photos, Video and buy the album here: Sodastarmusic

Album also available at: Amazon and Kool Kat Music

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Hardtops - The Hardtops EP out now.

Some of the best recommendations come from like minded friends with a mutual love of music and that is where The Hardtops came to me from (Thanks Isabel!) and hopefully you will also enjoy this upbeat, energetic, rocking band from Madrid in Spain. I have said it before and I will say it again, what are they putting in the water down there?

The Hardtops are a band from Madrid, Spain that blends Power Pop, Rock'n'Roll and Punk-Rock. The band consists of five guys who share a passion for melody and distortion. They all knew each other from other local bands, so when the project started it took shape in almost no time. In august they recorded their first ep, with four songs that define their sound.

Stream, share, embed the EP here: Bandcamp

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