Friday, October 25, 2013

Latest Radio show from "Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More." Enjoy.

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If you would like to submit music to be played on the show, please drop me a mail with a short bio and attach the MP3.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Vegas With Randolph - Rings Around The Sun.

"Rings Around The Sun" is the third long player from this Washington quintet and like the previous  albums this one is an absolute marvel to behold for lovers of Power Pop.
 Like the bands second album "Above The Blue" and the first self titled album, this little nugget is chock full of crafty hooks, licks, melodies, harmonies and the bands lyrics are second to none, this album finds the band at the top of their game. 

 Whilst their contemporaries maybe holding the spotlight, they had better keep a close eye behind them, because VWR are snapping at their heels with this album.

The album contains 14 tracks of pure Power Pop and whilst I sometimes think, personally, that 10 tracks is the perfect quantity for an album,, on arrival at track 14, I can't help wishing that there were a couple more to follow.  That said, I am more than content with this album and over the moon with this band.

I am sure that I will get great mileage from this album, at the very least, 435,000 miles....which is the approximate circumference of the sun and with the added rings, well, who knows?

Stream and buy the album in one of the many packages available here: Bandcamp
(If you don't have the first two albums, you can, and should, go for the package including the whole lot and more!)

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Monday, October 21, 2013

A big round up with, The Candy Strypers (FREE DOWNLOAD), Hector and The Leaves (FREE DOWNLOAD), Dot Dash - Half Remembered Dream and The Ace - Sonic Snapshots

Ok, I have fallen behind a little on the band features on the blog since starting the radio show on Radio Andra, where I have been playing and talking about the bands that contact the blog, it all takes time but I am going to try to get back up to speed with the blog posts, so I am going to do a round up and see if I can catch up!

About that radio show, it feels rather odd talking to myself for an hour, but I am getting more comfortable with it and will hopefully be getting a few guests in to bounce off.  If you have listened to any of the shows, I hope you have enjoyed the music.  You can listen to the latest one here:

Double click the title in the player to find the track listing in the comments.


The Candy Strypers have a new set of songs available on Soundcloud which you can download for free.  Sadly the label they were signed to for their single release folded pretty much after it was released, which seems to be a story I hear time and time again, but I am glad that these guys continue to put the music out there, go take a listen, download it and enjoy, don't forget to show some support on Facebook etc.

Stream and download the new album for free here: Soundcloud

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Hector and The Leaves hail from my hometown of Brighton, which automatically makes them really cool in my book, the fact that they back this up with a Free Download of three superb upbeat, bouncy tunes means they get a great big double like from me, oh, and the fact that the cover photo is taken on the beautiful South Downs, possibly my favourite place in the whole world wins them extra kudos!  
In all seriousness, the music is great,  great melodies, great lyrics and a tip top production.

Download the sing FREE here: Bandcamp

Contact, befriend, follow, like and love Hector and The Leaves here: Facebook


"Half Remembered Dream" is Dot Dash's third long player and I think that they have really nailed it this time, that is not to say that the first two albums weren't great, but this one ticks all the boxes, with plenty of hooks, charging guitars and pounding beats, these guys deserve to be massive.

Stream and buy the album here: Bandcamp

Buy physical copies of the album here: The Beautiful Music

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Another band that are going from strength to strength is The Ace, this latest EP shows a band that are very quickly climbing to the top of their game and their game is draped in the fizzy sounds of 60's beat garage, with a touch of Bubblegum, a dash of soul and a dollop of pop making them a real toe tapping, upbeat affair and that is just what I we need!

Listen to the whole EP and much more by the band here: Soundcloud

Buy the EP here: Plastic-Pop-Records

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Groovy Uncle featuring Suzi Chunk - One Vowel Away From The Truth. OUT NOW.

Every now and then a record comes along that seems to transport me back in time and this is one such record.
 After playing the first few tracks, I started reminiscing about sitting in a coffee shop somewhere around the end of the sixties or the very early seventies and I distinctly remembering the radio playing in the shop and it was playing songs, that I now know to be, Lovin' Spoonful, The Beatles (who I was already aware of even then), Dusty Springfield and a whole load of other great songs.
 I have no idea where we were going that day or why but I remember hearing that radio and the songs that were played really struck a chord and that music of that era has stayed with me ever since.
 So why did this record take me back to that magical moment?  Well, probably because it has, firstly great songs and secondly they give a very healthy nod to that era of great music that I love every bit as much as Groovy Uncle obviously does, the music is timeless really though, like jeans and T-shirts are to fashion.
Suzi Chunk has a voice that is very powerful and not dis-similar to Dusty Springfield, I reviewed her album "Girl From The Neck Down" on the blog and absolutely fell in love with it and I think I am right in saying that her band on that album was Groovy Uncle and they really are a fantastic pairing.

"One Vowel Away From The Truth" was recorded at the Sandgate Sound studio in Kent using vintage anologue equipment which gives the album a real warmth that you simply can't capture with digital equipment and the production is fantastic.  The album is driven along from start to finish with horns, harpsichord and a whole array of instruments that you may not be expecting but fits in beautifully with the concept of making an album with a retro sixties sound.
In summary, this is one of the best albums out there that wasn't recorded in the sixties, in my humble opinion, of course, the only thing that gives it away as not being from that era is some of the terminology used in the lyrics, but that sits just fine with me, we can say that we have a great record from our time too.

I would definately recommend this album to any of my friends looking to discover something new, this is, without a doubt, one of my favourite records of the year and I am sure it will continue to be so for many years to come.

You can check out a few of the songs from the album over on the Groovy Uncle facebook page, give them a like and share the love: HERE

Buy the album here: Ebay or here Official Website

The Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Show - Radio Andra #2

Featuring an interview with Ian Person of Union Carbide Productions and The Soundtrrack Of Our Lives talking about his new solo project The Ian Person band and more.

The Undertones - Teenage Kicks
Grimm Generation - Earthquake Hurricane flood and you
The Lambrettas - Cortina MkII
The Specials - A Message To You Rudy
Reigning Monarchs - Black Sweater Massacre
The Royal Flares - Bad Part Of Town
Hector and The Leaves - Problems
Groovy Uncle Feat. Suzy Chunk - The Money Shot
Mark Crozer and The Rels - Tell Me You Want Me
Ian Person Interview featuring songs by:
George Harrison - Isn't it a pity
Ian Person Band - Get Up and rule Your World
Ian Person Band - Let's Get Lost
Ian Person Band - A Heartache Coming On.
Candy Strypers - Neon Strange
The Flamin' Groovies - Yes It's True
Stephen Lawrenson - Sun Is On Its Way
Dot Dash - Here's to the ghosts of the past
Gallileo 7 - Ella
Cotton Mather - Password (Work Demo)
Small Faces - Almost Grown
The Turnback - What She Said
Len Price 3 - Sailors Sweetheart
Fallen Leaves - Passing by
The Wellingtons - Freak Out
The Lolas - Ballerina Breakout

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Sensibles - A Bunch Of Animals - OUT OCTOBER 12th!

They say the best things in life come to those who wait and after hearing this bands debut EP, I waited and waited, spoke to members of the band trying to find out when the next musical installment was coming, and then I waited some more and then all of a sudden the band contacted me with the news that a new album was coming out on the 12th of October this year, a year and a month after I reviewed the bands debut EP and oh boy, was it worth the wait.

The band very kindly sent me an advance copy of the album to listen to and it took my breath away and not in a T-Pau sort of way either.  This record starts off at a 100 miles per hour and stays there, not one track goes over the 3 minute mark, the only track that comes close, clocks in at 2 minutes at 58 seconds which in my mind makes this a perfect Rock 'n' Roll record and a party of an album, in fact the first track would have you believe that this is exactly what they had in mind.

The album powers along with each track leaving you breathless and before you even get your breath back, the next track kicks in and towards the end of the album you are exhausted, at which point you go straight back to track one and start it all over again 
 This is infectious, catchy, uptempo full on power pop punk sometimes reminding me of The Rezillos or Shonen Knife but it is very much The Sensibles, even though it is as mad as any hatter you are likely to meet, do I like it?  I f*cking love it!  
This is not re-inventing the wheel, you are not going to hear any new fandangled concept, just well oiled cogs playing straight up Rock 'n' Roll, the wheel doesn't need reinventing, it just needs to be rolled and rolled fast and The Senisbles do just that, and now, now I start waiting for the next installment from this Italian four piece, whilst meanwhile pogoing the night away with the album on repeat.

The album will be released on Rijapov Records and can be pre-ordered here:

In the meantime, you can follow, contact, like, love and possibly hear a few more of the tracks prior to the release here: Facebook

All links for the band:

The, really!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Reigning Monarchs - Black Sweater Massacre OUT NOW!

The Reigning Monarchs latest album was released on the 24th of September and once again this band ticks all the boxes for the perfect album which plays like a film soundtrack to your day, your life, your anything!
The band are packing venues wherever they play right now and it is no surprise, the music is fast, exciting, stimulating and catchy.
The album was funded by fans of the band and to hi-light how dedicated their fans are, they raised 30k dollars, the goal was to raise 10k.  
The guys are now going to make a feature length documentary and take the album out on the road and wear black sweaters for the duration of both projects.

While their music and live shows stand on their own the band has made a habit of to featuring guest vocalists at shows.  The Monarchs' versatility and musicality has seen them backing the likes of Norah Jones, Aimee Mann, alternative country heartthrob Rhett Miller as well as comedians and actors like Ben Stiller, Marc Maron, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Jason Segel.  

As Greg and Mike release the new album, their story of two dads in their 40s attempting to juggle families, careers, and the perhaps foolish dream of being the world's greatest (and best dressed) instrumental rock band is being documented for an upcoming film tentatively titled, Eat Pray Ska!

The Reigning Monarchs shall conquer all!

I am absolutely sure that this album will become a firm favourite for Surf Punk lovers everywhere, this is an instant instrumental classic with horns, I mean the instruments, of course!

Stream and buy the album here: Bandcamp

Official Site:

Contact, befriend, follow, like and love The Reigning Monarchs here: Facebook

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More debut show on Swedens Radio Andra.

The Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More show on Swedens Radio Andra.

Double click on the title in the player to go to the Podomatic page to get track details.