Sunday, January 25, 2015

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More radio show #69

Fuzzy Vox - Great Balls Of Fire (Masters Technicolour EP)
Incredible Kidda Band - So Excited (Too Little Too Late LP)
The Most - Blow Your Mind (Auto Destructive Art LP)
Yorktown Lads - Sick Of Me (Songs About Girls and Other Disasters LP)
Nanook - Sivitssorpormi (single)
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Titch - Touch Me, Touch Me (If Music Be The Food Of Love LP)
The Who - Can't Explain (Single)
Bryan Estepa - In a Minute (Heart Vs Mind LP)
One Like Son - Before The Walk Home (New American Gothic LP)
The Jam - Boy About Town (Extras LP)
The Lost Boys - Crazy For You (single)
Alton Ellis - Dance Crasher (Single)
Watts - Flash of White Light (Flash Of White Light LP)
Small Town Giants - <3>
The Lovers Key - Saturday Nights (Here Today, Gone Tomorrow LP)
The Superlatives - I still Love You (Single)
The Statuettes - It's All The Same (Great Western EP)
Yorktown Lads - Something To Write About (Songs About Girls and Other Disasters LP)
Hollow Horse - Right Beside You (Beggars Town LP)
Homicide 1er - Le Paradis (C'est Qui Le Patron EP)
Matthew Shacallis - Tell Me Girl (Reach For The Stars EP)
T.C Folkpunk - I Overheard Somebody Telling Me (Lamest Fast Words LP)
Phonograph - California (Phonograph Vol.1 LP)
Peachfuzz - King Of Scandinavia (About A Bird LP)
Cliff Bennet and The Rebel Rousers - Got to Get You Into My Life (Single)
The Albion - Illusions (Young And Lost EP
Dead Ghosts - That Old Feeling (Can't Get No LP)
Gravedigger V - Hate (All Black And Hairy LP)
Freebooting Profiteers/The Ace - Industrial Slit (Awhamalamabangbang EP)
The Most - Stickin' out with you (Auto Destructive Art LP)
The Buttshakers . How Long (Night Shift LP)

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio Show #68

Small Faces - Hey Girl (Small Faces LP)
Mark Britton - Hearts And Mind (Odds and Sodd LP)
Les Rivals - Glory Days (Les Rivals LP)
Blockhouses - One More Time To Get Home (One More Time to Get Home LP)
Leon Bridges - Better Man (Single)
The Young Sinclairs - Remember This Song (Single)
The Vibes - You Got The Vibes (Studio EP)
Howlln' Wolf - Howlin' for my baby (Single)
Madness - The Prince (One Step Beyond LP)
The Supernaturals - My Sweet George (360 LP)
Eurotrash - Live Slow Die Old (Single)
Brooks Brothers - Looking For A Woman (Detroit Sounds LP)
The Plastic Invaders - Cherry Go Round (Single)
The Silent Union - Hurricane (Salvation EP)
Animal Daydream - Canyon Rose (Easy Pleasures EP)
Matthew Shacallis - Do You Love Me (Reach For The Stars EP)
The Plastic Pals - Riding With Elvis (Single)
The Vortex Buzz - Nothing Can Bring Me Down (Single)
Thee Wylde Fuzz - Stunner (Single)
The Specials - Doesn't Make It Alright (The Specials LP)
Ransom and The Subset - Girl I'm Not Afraid (No Time To Lose LP)
Matthew Shacallis - Summer Sun (Reach For The Stars EP)
The Campbell Apartment - I'm Free (Sundogs LP)
Scumbags - Cool (Single)
Talbot Adams - Green Girl (Single)
The Credits - Londons Calling (Standing In The Shadows EP)
The Great Affairs - The Next Three Minutes (Dream In Stereo LP)
The Shame - Gotta Hold On (Nederbeat Dutch Nuggets Vol.1 LP)
I Think Like Midnight - They're Calling For Possible Storms (They're Calling For Possible Storms LP)

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio Show #67

Barry Gray - Joe 90 Theme
The Safes - Ace For A Face (Single)
The Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Still Aging (Behind The Music LP)
The Kinks - Village Green Preservation Society (Village Green Preservation society LP)
The Time Sellers - Apathy(Take You Out) (Single)
Thee Wylde Fuzz - Thinking (Single)
The Credits - Shake Up The System (Standing In The Shadows EP)
The Britannicas - Lyin' On The Ground (High Tea LP)
Rick Hromadka - Twice A Sunny Day Tomorrow (Trippin' Dinosaurs LP)
The Hangabouts - November (Illustrated Bird LP)
The Fascinations - Girls Are Out To Get You (Single)
The New Fidelty - Right Track (The New Fidelity LP)
Hemmit - Pharmacy (Antimatter LP)
The Jam - Liza Radley (Demo) (Extras LP)
Cliff Hillis - Second Dimension (Be Seeing You LP)
Tommy Lorente - Queicque Part (live) (Amanita Sessions LP)
Rick Hromadka - Dreams Of A Hippie Summer (Trippin Dinosaus LP)
Deco Auto - One Of A Million (Eco Aut Single)
The Safes - Hopes Up, Guard Down (Single)
The Risk - Eyes Of Ice (Single)
The Whereabouts - I Don't Care (Single)

Monday, January 5, 2015

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More #66 BEST OF 2014

The Fallen Leaves - Passing By (If Only We'd Known LP) 
Cooper - Ideal (UHF LP) 
The Girls - Get Out Of My Dream (Let's Not Be Friends LP) 
Baludin - Autumn (Al In A Dream LP) 
Instant Flight - Will You Think Of Me (Around the gates of Morning LP) 
The Judes - Hey Hey Radio (Generation Who LP) 
Dirt Royal - Girl In The Shop (This Is Now LP) 
Ace City Racers - Waiting (Single) 
The Assist - Speak It Aloud (Single) 
French Boutik - Mieux Comme Ca (Single) 
Tommy Lorente - Patience (Un Cruel Manque De Tendre LP) 
Paz Antiguana - Groovin' (Surfing The Channel single) 
Les Rivals - Police Station (Les Rivals LP) 
Sixty Eight - Dream Of Electric Woods (The Story Of Jack Moses Boyd LP) 
Dr Cosmos's Tape Lab - Doctor Chesters Pleasure (Ever Evolving Lounge LP) 
Trees and Timber - Little Bit Of Sunshine (Hello, My Name Is Love LP) 
Aerial - Why Don't They Teach Heartbreak At School (Why Don't They Teach Heartbreak At School LP) 
Groovy Uncle Featuring Suzi Chunk - Ordinary Day (One Vowel Away From The Truth LP) 
Len Price 3 - Lonely (Nobody Knows LP) 
The Carousels - My Beating Heart (Love Changes Like The Season LP) 
Greek Theatre - August Streets (Lost Out At Sea LP) 
The Dowling Poole - Empires Buildings and Acquisitions (Bleak Strategies LP) 
Chris Richards and The Subtractions - She Belongs To Me (A Smattering Of Mystery And Sound LP) 
Trolley - Out Of Love (Things That Shine And Glow LP) 
Nick Piunti - Quicksand (13 In My Head LP) 
RAF - Ready Steady Go (Come On LP) 
The Forz - Out There (The Forz LP) 
Quitty And The Don'ts - She's Gonna Break Your Heart (Single) 
The Above - Healthy Mind (Waterbury Street LP) 
Jimmy Haber - Satellite Man (New Bondi Hippys LP) 
The Forty Nineteens - Falling Down (Spin It LP) 
Black Linen - Mental (Unreleased) 
The Singles - You've Runned Away (Look How Fast A Heart Can Break LP) 
Grant Lindberg - At All (Artificial Inspiration LP) 
The Men - All Time High (This Way LP) 
Mark and The Clouds - Blue Skies Opening (Blue Skies Opening LP) 
The Lost Boys - A Better Life (Single) 
The Zou Bisous - Just A Loser (Single) 
Hemmit - AM (Antimatter LP) 
Dave Caruso - Sticks Keys and Wires (Cardboard Vegas Roundabout LP) 
Attic Lights - Orbison (Single) 
Ships - Want (The Summer Of Our Lives LP) 
The Kaams - With Another Man (One To Six LP) 
The Cool Whips - Turpentine (Goodies LP) 
Skurkana - Web Of Villainy (Web Of Villainy LP) 
Glow - My Favourite Waking Dream (Space Blanket LP) 
The Ace - Egil's Head Ransom (Single) 
The Sensibles - My Matress (A Bunch Of Animals LP) 
Green Circles - Blackbird (Single) 
The Cycle Paths - Everybody's A Mod (Single) 
The Time Sellers - Wait (Single) 
The Well Wishers - Bring It Back (A Shattering Sky LP) 
Paul Collins - I need My Rock N Roll (Single) 
Jake Starr - Learning To Howl (Tastes Good LP) 
The Scumbags - Do You Know Who Brian Eno Is? (Single) 
The Successful Failiures - Sunny In My Head (Captains Of Industry, Captains Of War LP) 
Lannie Flowers - Give Me A Chance (Live In New York LP) 
The Britannicas - Got A Hold On Me (High Tea LP) 
The Youth - Bubblegum (Nothing But....LP) 
The Unswept - You Trip Me Up (The Unswept LP) 
The Zags - Tattoo (Single) 
The 5 Jackals - Bloody (Single) 
Little Clara and Les Chacals - Tu Me Plais (Single) 
Rebecca Dry - I Saw You (Single)

Friday, January 2, 2015

ce Cream Man Power Pop and more Xmas Special #65

#65 Xmas

Flipron - Skeletons on Holiday (Fancy Blues and Rustique Novelties LP)
Eric Brao - On Holiday (Eric Brao LP)
RAF - Come On (Come On LP)
Fountains Of Wayne - Alien For Christmas (Rarities and B Sides LP)
Shonen Knife - All I Want For Christmas (All I Want For Christmas EP)
The Ramones - Merry Christmas, I don't Want To Fight Tonight (Hey Ho Let's Go Anthology LP)
The Leonards - Father Christmas (Garage Sale LP)
Mark Morris - Alcoholiday (Memory Muscle LP)
The Connection - West Coast (A Christmas Gift For LP)
The Jetset - Christmas Messages/What Can I say (Come On Peel The Noise LP)
New Mystery Girl - Christmas Outta Sight (Single)
Fountains Of Wayne - The Man In The Santa Suit (Rarities and B sides LP)
Joy Zipper - Christmas Song (American Whip LP)
The Jac - Sweet Tooth Ache (Single)
The Brigadier - The Day Before Christmas (Christmas Tales LP)
The Judes - It's Christmas Time (It's Christmas Time Single)
The Hopefuls - Holiday (The Hopefuls LP)
Weezer - Holiday (Blue Album LP)
Frank Sidebottom - Christmas Is really Fantastic (Single)
The Mockers - There's No War On Christmas (When Christmas is in Your Heart) (Single)

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and more radio show #64

The Plimsouls - Now (The Plimsouls Plus LP)
The Seeds - Can't Seem To Make You Mine (Flower Punk 1 LP)
The Men Of North Country - Pandora (The North LP)
The Pretty Things - Midnight To Six Man (Get The Picture LP)
The Lost Boys - Losers Rock (Single)
The Pioneers - Long Shot Kick De Bucket (Single)
Phonograph - She Knows It (Phonograph Vol.1)
Hanky Panky - Queen Without A Crown (Precious Bitch Single)
The Rubinoos - Amnesia (Everything You Always Wanted To Know LP)
The Martial Arts - Mod Val (Your Sinclair LP)
The Hollies - Carrie Anne (Best Of The Hollies LP)
David Myhr - Looking For A life (Soundshine LP)
Lazy Eye - Killer ooh (Single)
The Undertones - Jimmy Jimmy (The Undertones LP)
Madness - Tazans Nuts (One Step Beyond LP)
The Roswells - What's Going On (The Roswells LP)
Cooper - Hipsters (UHF LP)
Morris Chestnut - Too Darn Soulful (Single)
Baby Scream - Loner (Fan Fan Fan LP)