Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio Show #331

Reigning Sound - Stormy Weather (Time Bomb High School LP)
The Greyhound Factory - Outside The Frame (Single)
Baby Scream - I Wanna Be Famous (Samantha 7 Cover) (Just Covers LP)
Gary Ritchie - Maybe It'll Be Tonight (Head On A Swivel LP)
The Who - So Sad About Us (A Quick One LP)
P.Hux - This Is The One (Single)
Quitters - Better Off Dead (Single)
Caroline & The Treats - Tonight (Saturday Night Rock & Roll LP)
Local Drags - Fast Rewind (The Boys Are Still In Town EP)
Templeton Universe - Never Seen (Between Lies LP)
The Beatersband - Tous Les Garcons Et Les Filles (Single)
Death Party Playground - Love and Fidelity (Little Joy LP) Ontario
The Armoires - Pushing Forty (Big Stir Single)
The Seasongs - Electricidad (Destellos LP)
The Born Readies - Damn Your Smile (It's Just Rock & Roll LP)
Small Faces - Sha La La La Lee (Single)
The Melmacs - Going Out (Single)
The Cool Whips - Born In A Coffee Shop (And Other Delights LP)
RAF Mod Band Split Town (Split Town LP)
The Boolevards - Tell Me Baby (Real Pop Remix LP)

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio Show #330

Diana Ross and The Supremes - Where Did Our Love Go (Single)
Lannie Flowers - Free To Dream (Home LP)
Speed Of Sound - I'm Real (Scoop 30th Anniversary LP)
Broken Arrows - Behind The Eight Ball (Single) Big Stir Records
Sex Pistols - Silly Thing (The Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle LP)
Martha Reeves and The Vandellas - I'm Ready For Love (Single)
Emperor Penguin - You'll Be The Death Of Me (Soak Up The Gravy LP)
Building Rockets - Another Sunny Day (Sometimes Island LP)
Smokey Robinson and The Miracles - Mickeys Monkey (Single)
Len Price 3 - After You're Gone (Pictures LP)
The False Positives - The Real You (Single)
Stephens Ruin - Runaround (Single)
The Temptations - I'll Be In Trouble (Single)
Diablo and The Vampires Of Fuzz - Shadows (Single)
Norman - My Old Ears (Buzz and Fade LP)
Four Tops - I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch) (Single)
Ray Paul - Sun Sets Over London (Single)
The Sugarman Band - Chocolate Omlette (The Wind Coloured Like Laughing Rainbows LP)
Martha Reeves and The Vandellas - Heatwave (Single)

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More #329 Best of 2019 Part 3.

#329 Best of 2019 Part 3

Filthy Filthy - Listen To The Radio (Single)
Earls Of Satan - Right Now (Searching For The Light LP)
Los Infartos - The Man Who Lives There (El Narco Ritmo EP)
Psychotic Youth - Nr 1 In My Heart (21 LP)
65MPH - (You're Not) The Only One (Single)
Mariachi Death Squad - Wild Oh Nothing (You've Been Hit By....LP)
Iguana Death Cult - Bright Lights (Nude Casino LP)
The Zags - (We Will Be) Awesome (The Cliff LP)
ANC4 - You're The One (ANC4 LP)
Jonathan Pushkar - Isabella (Single)
The Fast Camels - Blissfull Serenity (Full Of Strange LP)
The Burghers - But Not Today (Last Days Of Man LP
The Born Readies - Automatic (It's Just Rock And Roll LP)
Pablo Matisse - I will Follow You Into The Dark (Single)
The Seasongs - A Tu Lado (Destellos LP)
The Smart Folk - In MY Own Time (Yesterday Repeating LP)
Råttanson - Small Venue Concerts (I'd Much Rather Be With The Noise LP)
The Promdates - Do You Want To Watch TV (Beer Run LP)
The Cudas - TV Is Cool Again (Single)
The Kite Collectors - Soothing (Never Look Down LP)
The Suncharms - Monster Club (Single)
Siberian Spring - Walk In The Dark (Single)

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More #328 Best Of 2019 Part Two

David Woodard - I used To Be Cool (Single)
Baby Scream - Roundabouts - (Things You Can Say To A Stranger EP)
Popravinas - Hard Way (To Make An Easy Living) (Single)
Super 8 - Love Like Ours (Single)
Tremendous - Open For Closing (Single)
The Turnback - Unloaded an Empty Gun (Single)
Thee Moot - Tabloid View Of The World (Peel It To Reveal It LP)
The Jagaloons - Knife Bumps (Ruin The Party LP)
Bristol Stingrays - Man In The Moon (Ticket From Home LP)
Geoffery C Palmer - I Like Murder Too (This One's Gonna Be Hot LP)
That Driving Beat - My Weakness Is You (Single)
Muscle Souls - I Don't Know What Makes Me (Single)
Andre' M - Dodged A Bullet (Single)
The Kyle Sowashes - Cinnamon Challenge (I Don't Know What To Tell You LP)
Kurt Baker - Pack My Backs (Single)
Librarians With Hickeys - Until There Was You (Single)
Jordan Jones - Understood (Jordan Jones LP)
Tennis Club - Car Beers (Pink LP)
The Supernaturals - Magpie (Bird Of Luck LP)
Freida's Roses - Jessica Triangle (Jessica Triangle LP)

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio show #327. Best of 2019 Part 1.

Phyllis Johnson - Mr Callahan (Single)
The Screens - Tell Julie To Stay (Single)
The Vapour Trails - Godspeed It (See You In The Next World LP)
Attic Lights - King Of Whatever (Love In The Times Of Shark Attacks LP)
The Speedways - That'll Be The Day The Earth Stood Still (Just Another Regular Summer LP)
The Boys With The Perpetual Nevousness - TBWTPN (Dead Calm LP)
Dave Molter - Tell Me That You Love Me (Single)
The Trend - Innocent Dreamer (One And One Makes Three EP)
Operation Octopus - Evil Thought (El Cavalera LP)
Surf Katz - Electric Surf (Single)
Gretchens Wheel - Clear Eye Clouded Mind (Moth To Lamplight: A Tribute to Nada Surf LP)
Car City - Don't Give Up On Love (Car City LP)
The Brothers Steve - We've Got The Hits  (The Brothers Steve LP)
The Peawees - Walking Through My Hell (Moving Target LP)
The Kaams - Floating In My Fantasy (Kick It LP)
The Beatersband - Girl Of My Best Friend (Single)
Badass Mother Fuzzers - Gonna Get You (Single)
El Mapache - Just Another Punk Rock Song (Single)
Trip Wire - Had Enough (Once And Always LP)
Vista Blue - Opening Day