Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More radio show #63


The Small Faces - Grow Your Own  (Small Faces LP)
The Small Faces - Afterglow (Ogdens Nut Gone Flake LP)
The Small Faces - Come On Children (Small Faces LP)
Peter And The Penguins - She Took Me By Surprise (How To Choose A Sweetheart LP)
The Pixies - Alec Eiffel (Trompe Le Monde LP)
The Frinchers - Girl From Denmark Street (On Your Knees McCartney LP)
Trees And Timber - Future History (Hello,My Name Is Love LP)
Dave Caruso - Your Fake Friends (Cardboard Vegas Roundabout LP)
The Beach Boys - Surfin'  (Surfin' Safari LP)
Sam Page - Naked (The Slog In Uncertainty LP)
The Faces - Stay With Me( A Nod is as good as a a blind horse LP)
The Sensibles - Open Book (Single)
Paul Anka - I can't Help Loving You (Single)
The Bluetones - Slight Return (Expecting To Fly LP)
The Primary 5 - What Am I Supposed to do now (Revive - Demos and Rarities LP)
The Rutles - With A Girl Like You (The Rutles LP)
Rebecca Dry - I saw You (Single)
Len Price 3 - Words Won't Come (Nobody Knows LP)
Scumbags - Luna (Single)
Owsley - No One Needs To Know (Oh No The Radio LP)
The Frinchers - She's A Rocket (On Your Knees McCartney LP)
GreenCircles - Never Say Never (Ian McLagan Cover) (available on soundcloud)
The Gents - Waiting To Be Seen (Waiting To Be Seen LP)
The Prisoners - Whenever I'm Gone (In From The Cold LP)
The Small Faces - Own Up Time (Small Faces LP)
The Successful Failiures - Ghost Around Here (Captains Of Industry, Captains Of War LP)
The Posies - I May Hate You sometimes (Failure 15th Anniversary EDT LP)
Dave Caruso - Rockabye (Rockturnal Lullabye) (Cardboard Vegas Roundabout LP)
The Small Faces - I'm Only Dreaming (Small Faces LP)

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio Show #62

If you enjoy the show and want to help promote the new bands featured, please share the link on facebook, Twitter and any other social media sites.  There is no compensation or alternative agenda that benefits anyone involved with the the Ice Cream Man at all, other than that of knowing that these bands are being heard and real music is getting out there.  Peace.


Lilys - Nanny In Manhatten (Better Can't Make your Life Better lp)
The Crumble Factory - Plastic Teenage (single)
The Jam - Going Underground (Single)
Trees and Timber - Wolf and Sheep (Hello, My Name Is Love LP)
Thee Brandy Hips - Wayne (Raincoat LP)
Thee Milkshakes - She'll Be Mine (Talkin' 'Bout Milkshakes LP)
Scumbags - Do You Know Who Brian Eno Is? (Single)
The Supernatrals - Hanging Around (360 LP)
R.Dean Taylor - Ghost In My House (Single)
Instant Flight - Dazzled Eyes (Around The Gates Of Morning LP)
Trees and Timber - Stop Fucking It Up (Hello, My Name Is Love)
Splitsville - Home (Ultrasound LP)
Little Clara and Les Chacals - Dis Lui Que Je Ne Suis Pas La (Single)
Blow Up - Catch Saturday Night (Teenage News LP)
Cooper - Ideal (UHF LP)
The Supernaturals - Born Again (360 LP)
Red Button - Hopes Up (Red Button LP)
Ruth and The Adelians - I want To Tell You (Single)
Black Linen - Forget The Times (Unreleased)