Thursday, November 22, 2012

Suzi Chunk - Girl from the neck down.

A while back I ran a feature on the brilliant "State Records" and some of their artists, I briefly mentioned Suzi Chunk then, but this very talented young lady really deserves a feature of her very own on the blog, Suzi's songs will make you want to smile and dance and return to them time after time.

Teesside born Suzi moved to Cardiff in the late 90's where she began her singing career providing backing vocals for a wide variety of bands/artists. These included Tigertailz, Syd Kitchen,Then Came The Wheel, Alan Thomson All Stars, Frank O'Hagan, Rhian Benson, Angel De Lux, Leighton Jones, Angel Farringdon and the John Martyn Band. In the mid-Noughties she worked with rock/funk outfit Dark Chunk (from where she took her surname and became Suzi Chunk) who were named as Best Newcomer at the Glastonbury Festival in 2004 and went on to record an album-"Multi Speed Stimulator" -in 2005. She went on to work and record with Omega66 and still regularly plays live gigs with Monkjack.

It was Suzi's lead vocal work with Omega66 (the track "Celebrity Burn Out" to be precise) that caught the attention of songwriter Glenn Prangnell (of Groovy Uncle)and prompted him to ask Suzi if she'd be interested in recording lead and backing vocals on a Groovy Uncle album. Suzi was receptive to the idea and travelled to Sandgate Sound Studios in Kent to record 3 songs written especially for her. By the end of the session it became obvious to all that this album should be a Suzi Chunk album and everyone got to work on what would become the "Girl From The Neck Down" album. During one of those sessions it was decided that a single was needed and "Look Back And Laugh"/"Tripwire" became Suzi's debut solo release in April 2012. Both album and single were released by State Records on vinyl.

Suzi's track "Look Back And Laugh" has been short listed for Little Stevens "Coolest song in the world 2012" so if you like what you hear and want to show your support go over and click on her song to vote for her, no registration or anything needed to participate and you can vote once every 24 hours too, I know I will be!
The album is available on cd format here:
Vinyl format here: State Records
Downloads are available here: itunes and amazon

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