Friday, October 12, 2012

Bang 74 - Three Kids

Bang 74, from Ferrol, Spain, play Power Pop ignited with flash of Punk, creating an explosive sound as the 2009 release "Three Kids" displays.  The 5 tracks on this EP are filled with high energy, melodic songs delivered with real flair and passion, sometimes recalling some of the great bands Power Pop bands like Red Kross, Cheap trick, The Rapsberries but not seeking to imitate.
Bang 74 will leave you longing for more and the good news is that more is set to follow in the next few weeks in the form of a 7" single of absolutely blinding covers, The Now's "Can You fix me up with here" and a version of Roky Eriksons "You dont love me yet." The singe will be followed by an album, both of which I am looking forward to in pretty much the same way that a kid looks forward to Christmas and I promise to feature it here as soon as I can.

"Time to make things right" from Three Kids EP

Bang 74's fantastic cover of The Now's "Can you fix me up with her" currently being sung by every member of my household!

Bang 74 are:

Cris Veiga: Guitar & Vocals
Fran Millarengo: Bass Guitar
Oscar Millarengo: Drums

Contact, follow, befriend, like and love Bang 74 here: Facebook

Downloads available to purchase here: CDBABY and here: Bandcamp

Physical copies of the EP available here: Rumble Records

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