Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Neon Cough - Draculas Mixtape FREE DOWNLOAD

This reminds me a little of The Cars in as much as it has a very electronic sound to it, if you know what I mean?  It has a kind of lo-fi feel to it........ I can't really explain it, but I do know it is very pleasing to the ear, it does hark back to the 80's in many ways, but the good bits of the 80's.
Tagged as New Wave, Indie, Surf, Power Pop, I think they have it covered, this is a really cool album and what is more, it is totally free, so give it a listen, give it a download, it is pretty laid back and actually a really lovely album, go get it!

Neon Cough's music is a mix of sunny surf-pop melodies with a spookier shoe-gaze vibe. Their debut album was nominated for Best Pop Album at the San Diego Music Awards and their second record "Dracula's Mixtape" was recently released. They can currently be seen performing around Southern California.

The more I play this album, the more I love it, it is immediate in many ways, but with each play it just gets better and better, I can't put my finger exactly on what it is that grips me with it, it just does and that mystery to it just makes it even more endearing!

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  1. Totally diggin' these tracks. I personally don't hear the shoegaze thing or the Cars influence. To me this is more Nick Lowe and Marshall Crenshaw influenced. But no matter. I'm a 61 y.o. guy who's been into R&R since I was about 10 and I just love the fact that I can still get blown away by some new unknown band playing the same 3-chords I've been hearing for the last 50years.

  2. Respect! I guess we all hear different things in music, it was nice not to be able to totally categorise the sound on this one. Glad that you like it.

  3. A really good band - definitely check them out live if you're in Southern California!