Monday, October 29, 2012

The Sharp Darts - Shoes Off EP.

Could The Sharp Darts be your new favourite band with their melting pot of Indie/Revival Mod/Power Pop fusions?  They are a relatively newly formed band hailing from Birmigham with the added spice of an Australian member amongst their ranks.
Listening to this EP, you certainly get a flavour of nostalgia from the likes of The La's, Oasis, The Libetines, The Real People and even Paul Weller's earlier album offerings, partner that with some well crafted tunes, uptempo stompers and some tight two part harmonies and you have a recipe for a band that could be destined to go far.
 If the world was a just place and the music scene wasn't being bombarded with the shit from X-Factor and the like, then we might be able to enjoy and reign in the talents of bands like The Sharp Darts and have another exciting era of music.

The Sharp Darts are currently playing around the West Midlands but are looking to cast their net further afield, so keep an eye out for them, or better still ask your local promoters to book them, don't forget to wave your shoes, don't throw them though, you may have to walk home in the rain!

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