Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kurt Baker - Brand New Beat. OUT TODAY

Kurt Baker's first full length since leaving The Leftovers and he has delivered, as near to damn it, the perfect Power Pop album with "Brand New Beat."  The songs are extremely infectious, as we have come expect from Kurt's offerings, and as per usual we lose the ability to sit still for the duration of the album whilst joining in on every chorus on every track.

Kurt has a saying "Have a good time all the time" this is a saying he clearly lives by and it certainly transcends into his music which is fun from start to finish, on this album, and on his 3 previous EP releases.  The songs are well well crafted with a good mix of melody and rawness to them, this is real kicking rock 'n'roll music.

A teaspoon of Elvis Costello, a half pint of Paul McCartney, a gallon of Joey Ramone and just a dash of Rick Nielsen...put it in your nose, mouth or oven on a Saturday night. By 2AM you'll have something resembling the likes of Kurt Baker. Repeat often.

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This album has basically walked into my top albums of the year list and Kurt Baker has proved beyond any doubt, that he is a master craftsmen when it comes to Power Pop, in years to come when we are talking about the Power Pop classics, Kurt's name will be right up there with the best of them and I am sure that there is still more to come, hopefully much, much more!

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  1. Vinyl also available at KB shows or from here: www.jollyronnierecords.com