Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Grimm Generation - Coming Home OUT NOW

The new EP from "The Grimm Generation" is anything but grim.  Yep, it still has the haunting tones of of life itself but it also has so much more as well, Jason and Carmen have moved on leaps and bounds with this latest release, possibly their best material to date.  This time Jason takes control of the lead vocals on the fabulous opening track, "Blink, I'm Gone" and then the reigns are handed back to Carmen Champagne (until closing track "Brooklyn Good), whose distinctive and haunting vocals take us through the rest of the journey on this 5 track EP with more songs about love, life, lust, irony and confessions.
I love the lyrics this duo write and whilst I may not interpret them in the way they are meant, I find myself listening to them intently and constantly return to analyse them again, usually in a completely different way from the previous listen, but that is great songwriting isn't it!

The Grimm Generation's 'Blink, I'm Gone' is a tale of marginalized people heading ever long into their only eventuality: oblivion. Directed by Zack Wussow, 'Blink, I'm Gone' tells the story of criminal conspiracies and the fall out of a few bad decisions. Starring The Grimm Generation's Jason P. Krug as 'The Driver', Carmen Champagne as 'The Muscle', and Lys Guillorn as 'The Boss', 'Blink, I'm Gone' also features a performance by Alexander delCampo as the star crossed 'Asher'. 

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