Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Research Turtles - Mankiller Part 2. Part 1 for free download

Last year The Research Turtles released Part one of this 2 part album, 5 tracks of epic proportion power pop songs to warm the heart, mind and soul with promises of part two to follow shortly after, but with all the best plans, there are also hurdles to get over as the band found out, in this case with budget restraints, but finally it is here and it was well worth the wait.  Part 2 completes the exercise perfectly with six more tracks that compliment Part 1 perfectly.  These songs are kicking from start to finish, the 2 parts of this album together make an almost perfect power pop experience.

And if just getting your hands on this album isn't enough, well, don't despair as from October the 18th the band will be making all of their music available for FREE download, along with Jud Normans's (Bass/Vocals) solo album, so their is no excuse not to do some research into this most excellent band from LA.

Research Turtles, hailed by critics as “the epitome of Brit Rock and Power Pop,” are rapidly becoming the favorite band of rock aficionados across North America and the British Commonwealth. This group of seasoned twenty-somethings from Lake Charles, Louisiana. has independently sold over 5,000 copies of their 2009 self-released, debut album and toured extensively across the Gulf Coast, opening fo
r such international acts as Toad the Wet Sprocket, Sister Hazel, and Candlebox. Evidence of their rapidly expanding fan base includes their nomination in Great Britain for RadioSix’s “Record of the Year Contest” for their debut album’s opening track, “Let’s Get Carried Away.” 

I rate this band very highly and hope that they continue to jump the hurdles set before them and deliver more great music in the coming years.

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Free download of Mankiller Part 1 here: MANKILLER 1 FREE

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  1. Wow, incredible band. Never heard of them before. They remind me some of Teenage Fanclub, who are one of my favorite bands.

  2. Teenage Fanclub are also one of my favourite, if not my favourite! Glad you like the post my friend, don't forget everything will be free for download on the 18th of October!