Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sundials - When I Couldn't Breathe FREE DOWNLOAD

Sundials from Richmond VA argue the point that nothing is free in life by giving this rather superb album away for FREE and a rather splendid affair it is too!
If you enjoyed the punk pop sounds of Weezer and early Lemonheads then you will revel in delight with this band as they offer all that and more.  The songs are catchy and melodic and will have you singing along to the chorus on the very first listen.

The album is available for free on the bands bandcamp page but they also have a "Name Your Price" going on as well, if you like what you hear, do make a contribution to the band as it goes a long way to making sure that we get to hear more from them in the future and that would be great!

"When I Couldn't Breathe" is a really great uptempo, exciting album, I wish more bands would make music like this so we can breathe again!

Sundial are: Harris M. - guitar/vocals Carl A. - bass/vocals Cory C. - drums

Download the album FREE here: Bandcamp
The link for free download is at the bottom of the track listing, click on the normal "Name Your Price" area to make a contribution to the band.

Contact, befriend, follow, like and love Sundials here: Facebook

Official Page where you can buy the bands other records and this very fine T-shirt print below: Sundials

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