Wednesday, October 3, 2012

True Hearts - True Hearts

I often wonder how many really great records are out there that I haven't heard, it shouldn't bother me really because I haven't heard them, but then an album like this one will turn up and I once again get to thinking!
True Hearts have that classic Power Pop sound from the late 70's, early 80's in a similar vein to that of The Raspberries, oh yes, it is that good, Terry Carolan's unique vocals really makes this gem stand out from the crowd, top that with classic riffs, hooks and melodies and this formula will win the hearts and minds of every power pop fan out there!

Formed in 1979 in Houston, Texas, True Hearts were a melodic rock band with a distinct pop edge, due to Terry Carolan's songwriting. The original name of the group was The Flirt. The band was formed with the intent to be an original music group, using Carolan's tunes as the foundation, and they came out of the gate with a strong set of tunes. With the original lineup, the band trekked to Tampa, Florida and recorded an album's worth of material. The intention was to release the full album, but they released a four song EP instead in 1980.
 Released regionally, it was used mostly for promotional purposes and sent to record labels in hopes of getting signed. The band broke up in early 1982. Terry explains further "In 1977, Audities co-founder Gary Littleton and I started Counterfeit Records to release a single by Just Boys. We also released the True Hearts EP consisting of songs that were taken from an album that was never released - until now!

If you like pop-rock that has similarities to Pezband, Artful Dodger, Off Broadway, Cheap Trick and an occasional tinge of Raspberries ('Starting Over' era), you may enjoy the album. Gary would absolutely approve!" You nailed it Terry! "This album is truly an unreleased power pop classic in the tradition of the Raspberries, Badfinger and Glen Matlock’s Rich Kids. In other words, tunes that rock with memorable melodies, guitar riffs to die for as well as a couple of keyboard ballads for the band to show off their softer side and touch your heart with love and tenderness. It's an album that should have been heard by the masses on radio stations everywhere, and in a perfect world it would’ve been had it been released at the time." - Dennis Dalcin/Bucketfull Of Brains

 "An excellent power pop band who, like many other equally talented bands, never got the chance they deserved back in the day. Thankfully, Kool Kat has wrested this fine album from the jaws of obscurity, and it deserves to claim a spot on the shelves of any fan of the genre!" - David Bash/IPO

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  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful review and for making True Hearts part of your site! Very much appreciated - Ray Gianchetti/Kool Kat Musik

  2. An absolute pleasure to feature some formerly buried treasure, so glad there are people out there actively seeking these gems out and bringing them to press again. Thank you.

  3. My sincere thanks for such a flattering review of the True Hearts album. Hope your readers will enjoy it!

  4. Hi Terry, thank you for such a fine album, I am sure that everyone who takes the time to listen to the album will enjoy it immensely as I am continuing to do so!!!!!