Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thee Eviltones - In The Shadow Of The Beast

From Nottingham in the UK, this band deliver their wares by way of fuzzy, dirty guitars, rip raw vocals, pounding drums and driven blood dripping bass, all in a  60's style garage frenzy, mix that with their leanings towards the dark side, a dash of punk attitude and you have a band that are struggling to remain human amidst their own creation, ladies, gentleman and beasts of the night, I give you THEE EVILTONES!

Tattered, torn and covered in the blood of a thousand demons, Thee Eviltones are the fearsome four horsemen of Apocalyptic Garage rock. The delivery of their debut album "In The Shadow of the Beast" is imminent, coming straight from the gaping jaws of Hades. 
Thee Eviltones are a four-piece rock n' roll band, bound by a love of garage rock and influenced by 60s soul, surf rock and punk. They provide a grooving soundtrack for stories of horror and terrifying dreams.
"In The Shadow of the Beast" is a 13 track artillery of savagely raw, yet soulful tunes that encapsulates everything Thee Eviltones have strived to create from their twisted sadistic minds. Along with the 12 virulent original tracks, "In The Shadow of the Beast" features a nightmarish version of Rolling Stones classic "Paint it Black" further ensuring that "In The Shadow of the Beast" will no doubt melt faces and take names to great effect.

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