Monday, October 22, 2012

Riccobellis - Booze-Up with Dee Dee Ramone

Right, let's kick the week into gear with something uptempo and a bit noisy, in a good way of course!

Riccobellis, from Italy, are by their own admission, "Infected by Ramones." You could say they wear their influences openly on their sleeves and yes they do, they also wear it on their T-Shirts too with the "Infected by Ramones" being the bands logo.

The bands original songs are short and sharp, with just one of them on this album going over the 3 minute mark.  Plenty of songs on here (naturally) referencing The Ramones like, "Now I wanna be a bad boy," "Julie is a Punk Girl," "Dreaming of R'nR High School" and let's face it, if you are going to be infected by a band , you should be infected by something fun and exciting like The Ramones.  You may also find little nuggets of other classic bands slipping in here and there, for example, there is a feel of "Another Girl, Another Planet" in the intro of "You don't know why" but it is all good!

Riccobellis aren't out to break any moulds here or take originality any further than their song writing, just paying homage to a great sound, having some fun, so jump aboard and join them!

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