Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mark Crozer and The Rels - Mark Crozer and The Rels OUT NOW

As we speed through Autumn into winter, at what seems like a million miles an hour, dark mornings and early sundown, Mark Crozer and The Rels have bestowed upon us a little extra sunshine of such substantial quality and warmth, that it will surely see us through the long winter (especially here in Sweden) right through to Spring and beyond.

NORFOLK, VA – Oxford, UK  (now based in Charlotte, NC) born Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Mark Crozer  is back with the much anticipated debut self-titled 15 song collection from his new band  Mark Crozer & The Rels (PSRCD082) – The Rels:Taylor Short (Guitar), Wes Grasty (Bass) and Donnie Merritt (Drums & Vocals).  The album drops on September 18, 2012 via Planting Seeds Records    co-mixed by Jay Braun (Norah JonesJon Spencer Blues ExplosionCat PowerFiery Furnacesetc.) - recorded both in the US and UK, the album promises to catch many pop starved ears with its arrival!

One of the influences of the album that made my ears prick up was  that of late Teenage Fanclub albums, (think Grand Prix and beyond) but there are also some Beatles influences in there as well, Neil Young, Kinks, The Darkside, a stripped down Jesus and Mary Chain, not surprising seeing as that was Mark Crozers former band, but these are just influences, this is a very original piece of work that will surely grace the top end of many year end listings.

From the opening energetic pulsations of “War Drum” to “Bristol Hum”, the album’s closing number – Mark Crozer & The Relstake you on a ride of riff driven, 60’s influenced hooks, and pure melodic bliss.  Label executive Steve Frank proclaims: “It’s from start to finish a wonderful timeless artifact – a dose of every important pop era and an obvious nod to the future – brilliant.”   “I Need A Vaccination” kicks the LP into another gear with its surf-y/power pop fuzz guitars and its instantly memorable “c’mon / c’mon / give me a drug” refrain. Crozer & The Rels continue to take off with the sugary-sweet pop of “Killed By Karma” and “Sunshine”. Crozer’s love of 60’s pop is present – most notably on “Brand New World” (the track’s lead guitar brings to mind The Beatles “I Want to To Tell You”); The Monkees-like romp of “Just Another Day; “Waiting For June” with its subtle hints of psychedelia, and the whispery tuneful beauty of “Deep Caroline”.  Mark Crozer also showcases the softer/ introspective side with the heartfelt/apologetic pleading of “What A Fool I’ve Been” which carries over to the classic acoustic folk brilliance of “You Are A Light”.   “Broken Out In Love” has also received a major endorsement of all places, via professional WWE wrestler Bray Wyatt – making it an overnight viral/download hit.  Jack Rabid, editor of New York based magazine The Big Takeover gives the best description of the band’s sonic landscape – “gentle fuzzy guitars and slow ‘60s pop splendor, like light JAMC doing late ‘60s Bee Gees or Lulu with a splash of Pale Saints...classic".    The music world needs more albums like Mark Crozer & The Rels – a complete collection of perpetual well-crafted timeless pop perfection that will no doubt leave you wanting more.

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