Friday, December 7, 2012

The Mergers - Monkey See, Monkey Do. OUT DECEMBER 16th

The Mergers play "Beat!" Beat with a capital "B" and they do an excellent job of it too!

The band from Nuremburg are just about to release their fantastic debut album, "Monkey See, Monkey Do," upon the world.  Listening to the album, you will almost definately get a sense of time travel and find yourself back in 1966, bobbing your head, tapping your feet and discover a fear and loathing to go back to the present with its dirge of faux RnB singers from "Some shit holes got talent" type programme.  

This is real music as it was meant to be, abundant in melodies, harmonies and jangly guitars and even a bit of rocking piano.  There are several moments on the album that bring to mind The Beatles stint in Hamburg when they were raw, ready and exciting, maybe this is where the title of the bands album derives from?  
From album opener "All I Can Do" to the twelth track "We'll All Be Stars" the listener is treated to gem after gem, if you love your 60's beat music, like myself, then this album is definately for you.

THE MERGERS suddenly emerged on a disgustingly rainy day in Germany in 2011. 
Actually country-bred from an ancient beat community that was founded in 1966 in consequence of musical taste’s negative development.

THE MERGERS luckily were kept away from all upcoming musical influences. 

Aspiring music manager Annie Goldfinger discovered this kind of a new world (that surprisingly looked very similar to an old one) by accident and brought this incredible new band for their first time in life to the continent. Unfortunately they had no entry permit so they were forced to leave subsequently, but only a few months later they were finally ready and allowed to hit the stage.
But what’s the catch? Immigration department insisted on taking up residence in Nuremberg (once voted Germany’s most boring metropolis), for lightening up the dull & bored people’s lifes.
But these 4 young men are well known for meeting tough issues head-on.

The Mergers are:

The album is due for release on the 16th of December and will be avaialble from itunes, Amazon, at the bands shows and at

Catch the band live here: Live Dates Dec 2012/Jan 2013

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