Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio show archive #11.

The archive or the latest show featuring some new power pop, 60's, Mod, northern soul and much much more!


The Parasites - Words to tell you 
The Supernaturals - Tomato Man 
The Blendours - Teenage Drag Queen 
Red Button - Hopes Up 
Doug Powell - Feel For You 
The Litter - Action Woman 
The Marvelous Beauhunks - Who said the kids are alright? 
Long Tall Shorty - Win Or Lose 
Radio City - Little Runaway 
The Booze - Kick me where it hurts 
30 Amp Fuse - Sorry 
Velvet Crush - Atmosphere 
The Parasites - 
Paul Anka - Can't help loving you. 
The Bluetones - It's a Boy 
The Beat Rats - Even Steven 
True Hearts - Trust me Candy 
Tommy Keene - On the runway 
Zakary Thaks - Can you hear your Daddy's footsteps 
Elvis Costello - Olivers Army

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