Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Radio show #345

Blondie - In The Flesh (Single)
Answering Machine - Marie (Bad Luck LP)
The Brittanicas - Walls & Stars (Single)
The Gurus - Sleeping Girl (The Gurus LP)
The Kaams - Don't Forget My Name (Kick It LP)
Strangers In A Strange Land - Broken Tambourine (Single)
Surf Katz - Dangerous Surf (Single)
Sugar Snow - The Word Yes (Sugar Snow LP)
Camens - Leave Me In Pieces (Single)
The Jac - I Hate Your Job (Single)
Jeff Dahl - In My Mouth (Electric Junk LP)
Wyldlife - Deathbed (Year Of The Snake LP) 
Love Hearts - Say Yes (Melt My Heart LP)
The See No Evils - Bleed (Out Of The Shadows LP)
Cosmic Rough Riders - Melanie (Enjoy The Melodic Sunshine LP)
Flying Ant Day - When I'm Dead (Do The Flying Ant LP)
The Hi-End - Perfect Company (Class Kicks LP)
John Dredge and The Plinths - All The Rage (The Plinthsmania EP)
Flying Ant Day - Drifters (Do The Flying Any LP)
The Drifters and Ben E King - I Count The Tears (Single)

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